Honda HR-V (2021 on)


Advance 1.5h i-MMD 131 Electric Motor Pwr eCVT Auto Start/Stop 5dr

reviewed by Anonymous on 4 May 2024
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I haven't enjoyed this ownership. The car is noisy and unrefined. There is no soundproofing in the car, not even the small squares of mastic in the doors you usually see. Road noise is grim. The interior rattles and buzzes like a10 year old car.
The engine sounds like a generator with no smoothness and refinement. I owned a CRV a few years back and the engine was silky - those days are gone. It revs horribly at low speeds too - the electric motor can't power it up the slightest incline without engine assistance and 15-20 mph is an embarrassing experience. Not as embarrassing as highway driving though, where the CVT gearbox makes it impossible to increase speed or, God forbid, try to overtake on the motorway, without screaming it's ass off like an old 70's Fiesta with a knackered clutch. Ridiculous behaviour, which would have stopped me buying the car if I'd found out about it on the test drive.
The car isn't without reliability issues either. The passenger door mirror has a known fault and fails every few months. I've had mine replaced twice already. There is a cracking noise from the steering column which is unsettling. Reverse gear is loud too but Honda reckon this is normal. The manual seat adjustment is really shoddy and won't last much longer.
Overall a really disappointing car. Averages 48.5mpg which isn't much for a "hybrid", but you'll struggle to get more than 100 metres from it under electric power at the best of times.
I think Honda are moving in the wrong direction with this tech and I know I certainly won't be visiting them again.

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reviewed by Anonymous on 18 October 2023

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