Bentley Bentayga (2016 on)


Estate 4.0 V8 435ps Mulliner Driving Specification Auto 5dr

reviewed by Ryan McGill on 25 May 2021
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Not fit for uk roads

I have been very lucky to own a few Bentleys over the last few years.
However this 2020 Bentayga has been the worst.
I purchased mine new from a Bentley dealer and Yes it is a lovely vehicle to spend time in when it comes to luxury interiors and smooth v8 petrol engines but
In reality the Bentayga is far to wide for uk roads. Being a confident driver driving many different types of vehicles over the years including commercial vehicles I struggle to park this car in our normal uk car parks. Its not difficult to park it in the gap but once parked you are making it very difficult for the owners of the cars parked next to you to get in and out and the chances are they are going to hit your door trying to squeeze in to there own vehicle at no fault of there own. On B roads you feel like you are constantly holding your breath because you are waiting to clip a mirror due to the width.
My main concern with the Bentayga and it is a dangerous one is it’s steering feel.
My Bentayga constantly feels like it is pulling to the left. I have spoken to Bentley and the car has had a full tracking wheel alignment carried out but it still feels like you are continuously trying to hold the car in a straight line. My wife has decided she no longer wants to drive the vehicle because it frightens her how much input she needs to apply to the steering wheel to keep the car on the road. I don’t think it is just my car that has this problem and it is a dangerous fault Bentley need to address. The front seats are not as comfortable as you may think and after a 3-4hr road trip you feel numb. The same road trip in my old continental you would feel fine. If you are thinking of buying a bentayga make sure you ask the dealer to test drive the vehicle on a motorway for a good 20 minutes to make sure you are not fighting the steering wheel all the time to keep the vehicle in a straight line. If you are driving a faulty vehicle the steering wheel will feel like it is constantly pulling to the left. My bentayga has the large Bentley 22” millennium edition wheels, you may find a smaller alloy wheel/tyre setup is better. I will not be buying another one!!

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reviewed by Anonymous on 25 May 2021

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Road TaxA–M
MPG22.1–35.8 mpg
Real MPG85.1%

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