Audi S3 (2013 on)


S3 2.0 TFSI Quattro 310 Black Edition S tronic 4dr

reviewed by Anonymous on 28 March 2020
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Fast, reliable, and understated.

I bought this car brand new in May 2018. I have currently driven a low mileage of 8000 but it has been fault free and completely reliable in this period.
At time of writing I have had one annual service which is simply an oil and filter change at a cost of £174 from my supplying dealer. I realise from talking to others that this cost is at the lower end of the scale.
The car has a dual personality....perfectly happy pootling around with no fuss, but put your foot to the floor and all hell breaks loose, which is enough to see off the majority of cars should the notion take you.
My average mpg of 30 is conservative for me because on the whole I am gentle on the car but cover short daily distances of 12 mile round trips to work, otherwise it would be higher. If you have a heavy right foot expect to see around mid 20's mpg, but if you regularly drive longer distances then 35+ should be easily achievable.
The saloon body in my opinion looks much more stylish than the hatchback, but not quite as practical for loading.
The car has very understated looks which hides its potential, which will be a good thing for some.
I have no hesitation in recommending this car, particularly in the best colour of Ara Blue.

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Road TaxF–G
MPG38.7–53.3 mpg
Real MPG75.2%

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