Audi A3 Sportback (2004 - 2012)


2.0 TDI 170 sportback

reviewed by ScoobyNut on 23 January 2014
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Not the perceived reliability of German cars

Plenty of poke when the car is working but it's had far too many problems. Just cannot understand what Audi / VW group's QA / QC process is doing?

I bought the car 3 year old with 89k miles & a full main dealer Audi history & comprehensive print out of all the parts & details if service completed in the cars history.

The car is a 170 bhp tdi with the older bmn PDD engine. 2008 is the year where the PDD engine is phased out & the new common rail is introduced.

Since I've had it's had:-
New injectors under warranty & injector harness
New dual mass flywheel & clutch £1000
New battery £100
New wheel bearing £250
Failure & replacement of the dpf (been a constant pain the bum this part) under warranty
Seat back adjustment wheel all wobbly & inoperative (made from cheap plastic)
Problems with the inlet manifold & egr system gumming up with oil residue...cleaned out so gaskets about £25 did this job myself
Cracked alloy wheel £520 each from dealer
& it's booked in next week for a new turbo. £1500

I just don't think the engineering excellence is there with vw group cars anymore & the parts are far to expensive considering their life span.

Last German car I will ever buy as it's emptied a chunk of my savings account in two years of ownership. I will go back to subaru for my next purchase which seem better built / more reliable / more suitable to higher mileage.

Vorsprung Durch Technik......hmmmmm?

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reviewed by Kevin_A on 28 October 2012
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Road TaxB–I
MPG37.2–68.9 mpg
Real MPG78.7%

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