Our Cars: Volkswagen Passat Estate

Our long-term Volkswagen has been in the wars this month with s few scrapes and dents. Poor thing.
In 2014, the Volkswagen Passat was named European Car of the Year? Keith wonders if it was a worthy winner...
Keith discovers a few hidden features in his Passat. Like how to put a postcode into the navigation system.
Our Passat Estate gets put through its paces over the school holiday. It may lack the fun features of a people carrier but does it prove popular?
Volkswagen's build quality is supposed to be the stuff of legend - but is it real or just a myth?
Local flooding and road closures cause gridlock on Keith’s commute, but gives him the chance to check out the adaptive cruise control.
Keith suffers from déjà vu as he waves goodbye to his Audi A6 and says hello to a Volkswagen Passat.

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