Our Cars: Toyota Prius 1.8 Hybrid Business Edition

The Prius brand has been around since the year 1997 - so what's changed? And will it be here in another 20 years?
My Prius has Intelligent Park Assist, but it’s often not very intelligent at all. In fact sometimes it doesn't work full stop.
Volvo recently made a big announcement about its electric car future - but Toyota and Lexus are more or less already there.
Is it worth spending an extra £3000 on a plug-in Prius - or should you keep it simple and go for the traditional model?
So far, so good. Looks like you really can drive through six countries on one tank of fuel. Easily. Well done Prius.
John reckons he can get the Prius through the UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg on one tank of petrol.
Every time a journey ends, the Prius scores your eco friendliness in an effort to help reduce fuel consumption.
The Prius isn't a 'driver's car' but that really doesn't matter, because it's so easy to live with.
We welcome the most famous hybrid of them all to our fleet - meet the Toyota Prius. Will it be a welcome addition?

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