Our Cars: Mazda MX-5

The time has come to bid our little Mazda farewell. And that’s no good at all.
We've established that the MX-5 is brilliant fun, but how is it around town and on the motorway?
Cold weather and long drives conspire to make the tyre pressure warning in our MX-5 have a breakdown...
The cold weather has turned up, but not even wet days and freezing temperatures can ruin the fun.
A lot of the MX-5's DNA is shared with the original Lotus Elan, launched in 1963. John puts on his best overalls to look on the internet and find out.
Taller occupants simply won’t fit in the MX-5, but even if you can get in you'll struggle when it comes to storage.
The Mazda MX-5 has both a rotary controller and a touchscreen. But why? And do they work well together?
The Fiat 124 and Mazda MX-5 are very similar, using many identical parts. So which one is best?
I recently had the chance to drive the old and new MX-5 back to back. How far have things come in nearly 30 years?
The MX-5 has a longstanding reputation for being a great drivers car - but what makes it so much fun?
The MX-5 has an extremely simple, manually-operated soft top which keeps weight down. But is it better than an electric, metal top?
We welcome Mazda's excellent, fun little roadster to the fleet - but will the charm wear off when the weather turns?

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