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Our Cars: Skoda Fabia TSI

Our little green Fabia goes back home this week, but what are Georgia's final thoughts?
Is is a case of function over flair? Georgia looks into the Skoda Fabia's arguably boring interior.
Georgia gives a rundown of the Fabia's safety features.
The good, the bad and the ugly aspects of the Fabia's direct-shift gearbox.
Georgia tests whether the Simply Clever Package is a worthwhile optional extra.
The Skoda Fabia versus the Ford Fiesta. Georgia compares the two very different small hatchbacks.
Georgia's 1.2-litre red Fabia gets swapped for a 1.0-litre green machine. But how does it compare?
The time has come to discuss why exactly the Fabia struggles to sell itself to young people.
The Fabia gets dog-tested when Georgia takes her Labrador out for a day trip.
After having the Fabia for a month, Georgia begins to notice little annoyances cropping up.
The Fabia's load space is quickly tested when Georgia uses it to move some bulky furniture from the suburbs to wildest tractor land.
Georgia welcomes the Skoda Fabia into her life with open arms. But will she still love it in six months time?

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