Our Cars: Jaguar XF 20d

The Jaguar XF is off. Let’s talk about what it’s been like and, crucially, whether we’ll miss it.
The new XF feels so similar to the old one that you might as well save some money and buy used...right?
Sportiness. What does that even mean? And whatever it means, is it a good thing on a big, luxury car?
The XF gets to be a wedding car - but it isn't as quiet as a big, posh, smooth car should be.
Click here to enjoy the greatest piece of Photoshop ever committed to a long-term test car update. Not even clickbait.
A family car purchase makes us question the XF's place in the pantheon of executive saloons. Is it still the 'alternative' choice?
Mark keeps reaching low down and feeling something furry. Yet surprisingly he doesn't like it...
Our Jaguar's diesel engine is returning nowhere near its claimed fuel economy, even though it's got a fancy name.
Ever thought about ticking 'select all' on options tab of the car configurator? Strange things happen.
There's already so much love for Jaguar's new XF saloon that we thought we'd see if it justifies the hype over the long-term...

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