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Our Cars: Audi TT 2.0 TFSI quattro

After six months and almost 6000 miles, Dan posts his final thoughts on the Audi TT.
The Audi TT has changed a lot since the compact and cute styling of the Mk1, but has it really improved?
After more than 4000 miles, Dan turns his attention to fuel economy. Is the Audi TT good value or is it another Real MPG nightmare?
The Audi TT is at the forefront of in-car connectivity. But do we really want news headlines and social media sent to us on the road?
With the Audi TT away having its water leak fixed, Dan turns his attention to its chief rival - the Porsche Cayman.
Our long term Audi TT has sprung a leak, with water pouring into the boot and rear seats. Can we fix it? No we can't.
Rain, wind or snow, the Audi TT has been taking it all in its quattro stride, thanks to excellent handling and a rewarding turbocharged engine.
Has the time come to scrap the TT’s association with people who cut hair for a living? Dan looks into the story behind the myth.
Dan's Audi TT is packed with optional extras (£10,000 worth) but are they worth the extra cash?
LED headlights are wonderful things, but Dan has discovered that they also have some drawbacks.
The Audi is packed full of toys, but are they really necessary? Dan looks at what's hot and what's not in the TT.
Dan trades in his practical Skoda Octavia for something sportier - the all-new stylish Audi TT. How will it fare over six months?

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