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Our Cars: Audi TT 2.0 TFSI quattro

6 February 2015: Wet, wet, wet

The Details

Current mileage 2645
Claimed economy 44.1mpg
Actual economy 34.2mpg

Regular readers will remember that, just a few weeks ago, I was crowing about how great the TT was in the wintry weather. What was it I said? Something about the TT taking it all in its stride, or something. Well forget all that because things have started to go wrong.

It started about a week ago when I opened the boot after a heavy rain downpour and found two large puddles of water – one in the boot and another on the rear seats. At first, I thought the TT was leaking water, but after a few tests – which involved me pouring copious amounts of water over the rear of the car – I found that the plastic trim of the boot wasn’t fitted properly.

As a result the water wasn’t being diverted away from the car and down the drainage channels. Instead, the water was running off the boot and pouring straight into the rear seats and boot compartment. 

Being a coupe, the TT has a huge boot lid and holds a LOT of water, which meant everything got soaked. I tried wiping down the seals, checking the trim and looking for obvious fixes, but nothing worked. So, all out of ideas, I took it down to my local dealer to see if they could do something about my soggy Audi TT.


              A faulty part resulted in water pouring into the rear of the TT

To be fair to Peterborough Audi, they did their very best to solve the problem. Indeed, they diagnosed the fault with 30 seconds of lifting the boot. Apparently, the plastic around the drainage channels hadn't been fitted properly, which meant water flowed over the top of the unit rather than through it.

The parts needed to fix the TT were out of stock at Peterborough, which meant the TT needed to be taken back to base (Audi UK) to be fixed. It's a real shame, because I've become a big fan of the TT. Not only is it attractive and sleek car, but it is also great fun to drive. However, faults like this are not really acceptable, especially when you factor in that my TT has a list price of £45,000 when you include the extras.

The issue also raises a few important questions. Am I the only one to have experienced problems with the third generation TT? Or are there more people out there who have fallen foul to a similar faults? As always, let us know via Ask HJ and we'll add it to the good and bad section of our car reviews. 

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