Our Cars: Audi Q3 1.4 TFSI

Our Q3 may have its flaws but it has proved an excellent family car for the last six months. Now it's time to say goodbye.
Given the popularity of cars like the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, is a hybrid e-tron version of the Q3 likely?
Our Q3 has been getting through windscreen washer fluid a little too quickly it seems. A pesky leak is the culprit.
So what do other owners think of the Q3? Our Owners' Reviews section shows a mixed ownership experience when it comes to the Audi.
The Q3 is a premium crossover with a premium price tag. Our car costs more than £35,000 with all the options fitted...
The Q3 may have been revised in 2015 but despite that it's already feeling quite dated in many areas.
There seems to be a mixed opinion on the Q3 design. Some say it's a good looking crossover but others think it's dull.
Fuel economy in our Audi Q3 is slowly improving but it's still some way short of the official average figure.
Audi has launched its new small crossover - the Q2. Does it make a better value alternative to the Q3?
A 1.4-litre engine may seem too small for a car like the Q3 so how does it cope with every day life?
One criticism of the Q3 has always been its overly light steering. Has Audi sorted this out for the facelift? It would seem not...
David takes delivery of the latest Q3 replacing the Octavia Estate vRS. Will it fit the bill as a more economical form of family transport?

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