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Our Cars: Audi A5 2.0 TFSI S tronic

Time's up for the A5. Here's how our two-door family car went down, and why I'll miss it a lot. Not so much the kids.
Our expensive grey leather seats are costing us a fortune in Cillit Bang. And they look like they're off an Eastern European taxi.
We've had our Audi A5 for a while now. So we though it was high time we did a proper review of it.
A proper length of time with Audi’s old school scroll wheel results in mixed feelings .
A short fuel station inquisition reminds Mark how happy he is with his petrol motor. Rather than one of them diesels.
Some time with one of modern motoring’s worst seating positions made Mark appreciate the A5 even more.
Mark's been merrily driving his A5 Coupe for months without realising one very important fact about it.
You do a lot of motorway miles and you're sick of diesel - but should you really choose petrol?
We spent nearly a grand on fancy lights for our Audi, but are they really worth it? Mark finds out.
A lad called our car a "sweet whip". If we understand him, he's right - it's a surprisingly expedient family car.
Of course it doesn't. The latest Audi A5 Coupe is brilliant. The problem is, it might be too good. And we're running one for six months.

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