New Continental EcoContact 6 tyre offers 20% more miles and 15% less rolling resistance without any compromises.

Published 10 May 2019

For its new EcoContact 6 tyre, Continental promises everything: A longer lasting, more fuel efficient tyre that still provides excellent steering precision and short stopping distances.

The range covers wheel sizes from 13-inch to 22-inch. For example, from 175/65 R15 for a FIAT Panda to 325/30 R22 for a BMW X5.

Already, 12 car manufacturers have approved EcoContact 6s as OEM equipment.

In tests over 11,000 miles, the wear rate was 20% lower than from the preceding EcoContact 5s. Further tests showed a 15% improvement in fuel economy due to lower rolling resistance.

Continental Eco Contact 6 Compounds

Achieving this involved reformulating the silica compound for a more balanced distribution, resulting in stronger bonding of the polymers and lower deformation while driving. Innovative additives to the compound help the contact patch adapt better to road surfaces and this allows more effective transmission of braking forces while the good tyre/road contact means less wheelspin and higher mileage. The compound is called GreenChili 2.0.

Continental Eco Contact 6 Tread Patterns

Depending on the width, EcoContact 6s come with three, four or five ribs. This enables the tyre to deliver good grip and precision handling all the way to its physical limits. The  balanced ratio between tread ribs and grooves also helps channel water into the tread grooves when driving in the rain and reduces the risk of aquaplaning. The shoulder grooves then disperse water to the outside, away from the contact patch, achieving even better grip on wet roads.

For driving on dry roads, Continental chose asymmetrical tread geometry with rounded corners that adds stability to the when cornering, delivering more precise handling and more grip. On wet roads, sipes with beveled edges afford extra grip and provide more effective drainage for the tread.

Wet braking is improved 6% over EcoContact 5s, and dry braking by 2%. An impressive achievement. 

Continental EcoContact 6s are approved for speeds up to 186 mph, corresponding to the speed index “Y”. EcoContact 6 has an A,A EU Tyre Label rating across two-thirds of the current range.

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