Ford Focus ST seven-speed auto launched at £34,710

Published 17 June 2020

Pricing for the new seven-speed automatic gearbox option for Ford's hot hatch has been revealed, carrying a £1450 premium over the standard fit six-speed manual.

The 2020 Ford Focus ST gains a seven-speed automatic transmission, available on EcoBoost petrol variants of the hatchback and estate, when deliveries start in July.

The rotary gear selector is installed in place of the conventional gearstick, while steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters can select gears manually. The Sport button and Drive Mode selector function are carried over from the manual car. 

Ford claims that the Adaptive Shift Scheduling functionality of the new gearbox optimises performance, although it adds 0.3sec to the 0-62mph time. Fuel consumption is unaffected, with both cars claiming an unchanged 34.4mpg.

The 2.3-litre petrol engine in the Focus ST delivers 280PS at 5500rpm and 420Nm of torque from 3000rpm to 4000rpm.  

Prices for the Focus ST start at £30,575 for the five-door hatch EcoBlue diesel model and £31,975 for the estate, while EcoBoost petrol prices start at £33,260 for the hatch and £34,660 for the estate.

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gavsmit    on 18 June 2020

How much?! I was looking to buy a Focus ST in 2010 and it's list price at the time was £19,545. Compared to the similar petrol model now (£33260) that represents just over a 70% price increase in 10 years. That's about 4 times as much as the average actual UK inflation rate over that time. Who says car makers aren't getting greedy, or artificially closing the price gap between ICE and electric cars to avoid lowering the prices of EVs as manufacturing costs become less?

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AndrewDfd    on 18 June 2020

Wow, i would never spend that much on a ford!

HighlanderUK    on 19 June 2020

but to be fair, its not the same spec/engine/trim level as 2010, so there would be some cost increase anyway, difficult to compare apples to apples on that aspect. But i agree still pricey.

Car Expert on YT also has good dragstrip test recently with manual and auto MK4 ST, auto turns out to be pretty good, with the 7 speed box (was usual 8 speed with 2nd gear removed for the ST version).

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