Ford Mondeo could face axe under controversial plans

Published 03 September 2018

Ford has insisted the Mondeo "remains a core part of [its] product line-up" despite increasing industry rumours that it is on the verge of being scrapped as part of controversial plans to cut costs.

The current Mondeo is closely related to the US-market Ford Fusion - a car that Ford's confirmed will no longer be sold in North America as it focuses on trucks and SUVs. This will leave a gap in the line-up in Europe, but Ford refuses to comment on whether this could be the end for the Mondeo name badge.

Although Ford intends to facelift the Mondeo later this year, reports claim that it could be axed as soon as 2020 along with the Galaxy and S-Max in a bid to make room for more popular SUV models.

More than 24,000 workers could face redundancy under the plans, with staff in Germany and Spain being hardest hit.

S -max

The US car giant lost $73 million (around £57 million) in Europe between April and June, while it's said to be concerned over the effect of Brexit on car tariffs and parts traded with the EU.

"As a whole, [the Mondeo] segment is slowing as consumers move towards CUVs and SUVs," said a Ford spokesperson. "Mondeo continues to deliver on its promise of great driving dynamics, leading technologies and competitive pricing for businesses and families alike."

Ford is the most popular car manufacturer in the UK, with its Fiesta constantly topping sales charts - while the Focus is often in the top five. The Mondeo celebrates its 25th anniversary this year after being launched in 1993 as a replacement for the Sierra.


mmmmm    on 3 September 2018

Fashion fades and if Ford do terminate the Mondeo, in due course they may find themselves wrong footed...perhaps they have some non public plans to keep R&D going, ready if needed to bring us this D sector size car, if/when the buyers tire of suv shaped vehicles.

oldroverboy.    on 4 September 2018

Will Ford shortly be importing a chinese made equivalent?

Micky Myers    on 4 September 2018

When buyers tire of SUVs? I'm tired already!

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