Honest John Awards 2016: Honda Civic Type R is Most Popular Performance Car

Published 19 May 2016

The Honda Civic Type R has taken the title of Most Popular Performance Car at the 2016 Honest John Awards. The past few years have been great for hot-hatch fans, with cars like the Ford Focus RS and Volkswagen Golf R going on sale - but the latest Honda Civic Type R proved more popular with our readers than any other performance car, hot hatch or otherwise. 

“One of the most highly anticipated cars of recent years among performance car enthusiasts, we rate the new Honda Civic Type-R as one of the most engaging, enjoyable and exciting cars on sale. And honestjohn.co.uk users clearly agree with the Type-R proving popular enough to win Most Popular Performance Car for 2016.” Said Dan Harrison, Editor, HonestJohn.co.uk


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