Ford Mustang crowned Most Popular Convertible at the Honest John Awards

Published 19 May 2016

The Ford Mustang has been named Most Popular Convertible at the 2016 Honest John Awards. An ever-popular car in the USA - its home market - the Ford Mustang, whether with its roof or without, is now available in the UK with right-hand drive. Buyers can pick between a big 5.0-litre V8 or a more sensible 2.3-litre engine. 

Dan Harrison, Editor,, said “The Ford Mustang may be a truly iconic model, yet it has remained elusive for British drivers. So Ford's decision to finally officially sell it here was met with huge interest and enthusiasm.

"It came as no surprise to us that our audience were keen to read about the new Mustang. Given its affordable price tag, it represents a lot of car for the money, yet is always guaranteed to get attention.”


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