MG3 will be assembled in the UK

The UK-designed and engineered MG3 will be assembled at Longbridge in an arrangement that mirrors production of its bigger brother, the MG6.

A source close to the factory has confirmed that the supermini, which has been on sale in China and in left-hand drive markets around the world since 2011, will tick the ‘British’ box, as it’s a matter of prestige for its owner SAIC back in its home market of China.

The same sources confirmed that assembly facilities are currently being prepared within the Longbridge factory for the new car. With final assembly of the ’3 taking place in the UK, it will mean that it will be able to push the car in Britain as a home-built product.

The MG3, which is currently offered globally with a single 1.5-litre NSE petrol engine in 87 and 107bhp guise, is currently undergoing final testing and development for UK and (later) European launch in 2013. The final specifications are yet to be confirmed, as is the pricing.

Expect to hear more in the run-up to the launch in the spring of 2013.


FMS GLASGOW    on 18 November 2012

Oh dear Lord,
It looks like an update(?) of the ludicrous CITYROVER.

Austin    on 19 November 2012

Come off it, the CityRover looked MUCH better!

kadams1970    on 19 November 2012

I think if they'd sold the CityRover at the original planned-for £4999, they'd have flown out of the showrooms...

Austin    on 19 November 2012

YOU'D fly out of the showrooms at £4999.

Andy Midd    on 18 December 2012

It is nothing like it. The City Rover was a pretty mediocre Tata.
This is a ground up, new design.

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