Geneva Motor Show 2017: All-new SEAT Ibiza revealed

Published 07 March 2017

SEAT will launch the all-new Ibiza in the UK this July. It should cost from around £13,000 and promises some much needed improvements in interior quality, comfort and technology. It made its debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

Given that the outgoing model has been on sale since 2008, this new Ibiza has been a long time coming. Especially when you consider a fresh Skoda Fabia was launched in 2015 and its other brethren, the Volkswagen Polo, was facelifted a year prior to that.

The reason for the delay is that this Ibiza is based on a new chassis - and is the first car in the Volkswagen collective to do so. This will form the base for the next generation of Volkswagen and Audi small cars, including the A1.

The design of the new Ibiza is no great surprise. SEAT has taken the neat look of the popular Leon and echoed it on the smaller hatch, which is particularly evident at the front. SEAT calls it an 'edgier and sportier design'. Quite.

Going against the grain of ever-growing cars, this Ibiza is actually a smidgen shorter than the model it replaces but it is a little wider and has a slightly longer wheelbase. This means benefits for ride comfort and interior space. 

Legroom is improved in the back and the seats are wider, making them more comfortable on longer journeys.  The boot is 63 litres larger which means more than 350 litres of carrying space in total - considerably more than alternatives like the Peugeot 208.

Engines for the new Ibiza will include the 1.0 TSI - an engine we've been very impressed with in various Volkswagen models - along with the new 1.5 TSI Evo which made its debut in the Volkswagen Golf. It will be launched in the Ibiza in late 2017. The 1.6 TDI will be carried over.

SEAT has confirmed that there will be no three-door Ibiza SC this time round and hasn't confirmed whether we will see the Ibiza ST. But given the slow sales of small estates in the UK, we expect this to be ditched.

Four trim levels will be offered - S, SE, the popular FR and a new Xcellence model. For now, the FR is the sporty model (a Cupra will follow in time) and has a rear diffuser, different front bumper and an exterior black pack, plus sport suspension.

SET Ibiza 2


Jacobs Dad    on 7 March 2017

Yes they done a great job, it looks brilliant. Nice one Seat.

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