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Save money: have your MoT done before your service

Published 16 June 2017

Motorists could make huge savings by having their MoT test done ahead of their vehicle's annual service, according to new research by repair and maintenance specialist MotorEasy

Analysis of 20,000 vehicle histories has shown that 80 per cent of faults found during the service would be flagged in the MoT test anyway, meaning that many services are unnecessarily duplicating work and labour costs.

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The average MoT test takes around an hour to carry out, meaning that an hour’s worth of labour could be saved by having the annual MoT carried out before any subsequent service.

"When booking the two together, you should always request that the MoT is done first"

MotorEasy argues that, if every motorist had an MoT test before a service and every car required at least one hour’s worth of work, the amount of money saved would total £2 billion. The news comes as a recent report showed that the average cost of having a car repaired at a garage can vary by more than £160 an hour, which means thousands of motorists are being left out of pocket.

The MoT test covers all of the major areas, such as bodywork, steering, suspension, emissions and brake performance. That just leaves any hidden leaks and planned renewal items, such as oil, filters, spark plugs and gearbox oils as the main things that would be covered by the service.

"When booking the two together, you should always request that the MoT is done first so that there is less work to carry out on the service," said MotorEasy founder, Duncan McClure Fisher. 

“While we know that not every single car will require work at every service or MoT, there’s a good proportion of motorists who are needlessly doubling up on costs. With better planning and organisation of your car’s maintenance schedule, those costs could be avoided,” he added. 

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Robert McAuley    on 22 June 2017

Would be better that ALL MOT centres follow the Northern Ireland lead whereby they have Government test centres and there is little, if any, degree of rip-off!

HondaMan983    on 23 June 2017

I always insist that services are done BEFORE MoTs. That way I get a clean MoT certificate with no advisories (hopefully). I find that this gives a better impression when selling the car.

Wantok    on 26 June 2017

I fully agree with you. I always do the same -ie service and check before MOT

Makes much more sense - - and helps to sell the car with a clean MOT record :-)

bobber    on 24 June 2017

If the service is done (properly) first, then a potential MoT failure will be avoided.

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