BP joins fuel price war with 5p off per litre

Published 28 November 2013

BP has joined the list of fuel providers offering discounts and reductions. Those who visit participating in BP filling stations and buy either two pouches of selected Mars sweets or one pouch and a large Wild Bean Café hot drink will get  5p off per litre of petrol, diesel or LPG Autogas.

The offer excludes fuel card transactions and is restricted to 100 litres of fuel in a single transaction. It runs until 9 January 2014 at selected BP sites – more information on which can be found, along with full terms and conditions, on the BP website.


Dr Zoidberg    on 28 November 2013

Those Mars sweets will be marked at the RRP negating any savings in the fuel!

Sally190    on 2 December 2013

I have been buying BP diesel Ultimate for 3 years, because I do short journeys and low mileages.
I don't want Mars Bars ( they aren't much use to diabetics either )
and I don't want that coffee.
In Bedford, BP has been holding its price up for years.
All we need is a penny or two off each litre ; period.

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