DVLA confirms that some over-70s licence renewals cannot be done online

Published 23 April 2021

Some drivers will not be able to renew their over-70s driving licence online.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has confirmed to HonestJohn.co.uk that some drivers who are applying to renew their driving licence as they turn 70 will not be able to apply online. This leaves a postal application as the only option, with the DVLA saying it will take approximately six weeks to receive the new licence back.

Following numerous reports from HonestJohn.co.uk readers via Ask HJ that drivers aged over 70 were unable to renew their driving licence online — we investigated the issue.

The DVLA told us that the issue comes down to digital signatures. The DVLA requires a copy of the customer’s signature as part of their application, and in the vast majority of cases the DVLA can get this electronically from the Passport Office.

However, since late-January 2017, all British passports have been issued without a digital copy of the holder's signature. Drivers who have applied for a new passport since 2017 but have never held a digital signature on their passport before will be unable to apply for a licence renewal online.

If applicants previously had a digital signature on their passport before 2017, they can still apply to renew their diving licence online.

Licence Renewal

The hiccup means that anyone who is applying for a new driving licence as they turn 70 is unlikely to be able to renew online if they did not have a British passport before 2017.

The DVLA noted that it is aware of the issue and is currently working on a solution. With that said, it's likely to be a matter of months rather than weeks before it's resolved. The DVLA also says it will send drivers a reminder before their extension expires, when it’s time to renew.

If you drive on an expired licence you could be liable for a fine of up to £1000.

Only drivers whose photocard driving licence or entitlement to drive ran out between 1 February 2020 and 31 December 2020 had their entitlement automatically extended from the expiry date, for a period of 11 months. For example, if your licence expired on 15 July 2020 — it will have been automatically extended until 15 June 2021.

Once you apply for a new licence, you can continue driving while the DVLA is processing yours — as long as you meet the criteria set out by Section 88 of The Road Traffic Act. Check the criteria, available here, to see if you're eligible.

A DVLA spokesperson said: "Around 2 million motorists renew their driving licence online every year. For the vast majority, we are able to use their digital signature from the Passport Office.

"We are also developing a new system for renewing a driving licence – which we intend to launch later this year – which will allow customers to upload a signature online even if they don’t have a passport."


Peter Snowdon    on 19 April 2021

I am having exactly the same issues, however
I am 63 years old and my license runs out in August 2021
My passport expires in 2025 yet I still cannot renew my license online

Tonypep    on 19 April 2021

I am 72 and we recently moved house. We applied for an address change on our licence and they were able to do the wifes who is 65 online but i had to post mine with another photo and was charged £14.

We both renewed our passports in 2017, so why would it be ok for one and not the other to lift a digital signiture ??

I spoke to the DVLA and they said i would not be charged and can do online my 3 year replacement licence next year.

Richard Elliott    on 19 April 2021

The DVLA has been an absolute disgrace throughout the Covid emergency. It has failed to do its job. Those resposible should resign or be sacked.

VINCENT MILLARD    on 20 April 2021

The DVLA has been an absolute disgrace throughout the Covid emergency. It has failed to do its job. Those resposible should resign or be sacked.

I suppose we are lucky to have the Service at all! They are still working from Home and the speed at which they Work is determined by the their line speed!

We all had to do the Postal thing in the "Good old Days" so a little bit of inconvenience during Covid, surely can be put up with.

Of course if they loose your Licence that's different! I always Scan Mine before sending it, so that I have some proof to send Digitally in case they loose it!

Muttley04    on 20 April 2021

DVLA website tells you not to photocopy or scan your driving licence for security reasons.

Dragon 999    on 5 July 2021

That makes sense.... one would think. Yet the DVLA posted my sons licence to him and it never arrives, after weeks of phone calls, emails & waiting on false promises. We found out it was posted to a totally different village 8 miles away and was never seen again. So what happened to that licence we will never know. DVLA are a disgrace and needs a good shake up from the top down.

jebedee    on 19 April 2021

Exactly the same issue-renewal paperwork points you to online renewal application, takes an age then refuses at the last saying it is not possible to confirm identity despite last year renewing Passport online. 1 hour on their chat line to establish that digital signature is the issue. Postal application + photo sent off into the unknown. Hope it is six weeks, not months as need to hire car end of June. DVLA does not fill you with confidence!

Falkirk Bairn    on 20 April 2021

Renewed my 75 year old wife's driving licence 3 weeks ago - on-line on the Thursday. She received the renewal, it landed on the hall mat 7 days later.

Next year it's my turn !!

Daybreak Girl    on 20 April 2021


Beardieweirdie    on 20 April 2021

I had a passport before 2017 but it expired a long time ago. Will I be able to renew online at 70?

Lucha    on 23 April 2021

I applied to renew my licence, March 2020. I sent it in recorded. They sent all my paperwork back and told me they were processing my application. A few weeks later I had to fill in another form, because I had ticked that I had a neurological illness. I was told that I would have to make an appointment with my doctor, so he could examine me and fill in a form. This form would be sent back to DVLA. I eventually got a telephone appointment with my doctor and he told me that he would fill in the form that DVLA, had sent to him. I finally got a reply from DVLA in December 2020, to say that they were satisfied, I was ok to drive and they would send me a temp licence, within 14 days. it never arrived!
I didn't contact them, because of lockdown and then, Christmas and New Year holidays. I assumed that most of their staff were working from home and would be busy. Then February of this year, I rang and rang but couldn't get through, so I tried on line but just went round in circles. So as a last resort, I wrote a letter and i'm still waiting. There has been nothing...no reply!

Oppypay    on 20 May 2021

I will be 70 in a few days. I completed an online application on 17th March 2021 but have heard nothing. No mention was made about needing a digital signature - and my passport expired ages ago. My application went through and I cut up my photo licence and sent it off with a form I was told to download, as requested. So, I am now in limbo and will soon be driving illegally. Tracking my application brought up the comment that the DVLA were waiting for the form and my cut up card. I suppose I just wait for it to turn up and keep checking the tracking to see its progress. Many people are in the same position, according to the media.

Dorothy Bircher    on 25 May 2021

I tried to renew my driving licence at 70 to include my C1+E 3.5-7.5 ton which I have held up until now but because of covid I could not get a medical D4 done and they have renewed my licence for three years but took off these categories so I am unable now to tow our caravan or horsebox. I have been trying to get through for two weeks now, if I get a private medical done will I be able to add those categories back on or will I have to take a test to get them back, I had no option of an extension and I sent a covering letter explaining that I wanted to keep these categories but they just gave me a three year car only licence.

Moirin OConnor    on 4 June 2021

Have been trying to renew my 70+ licence on line for days. I keep being told my 6 figure driver identity is incorrect even though it is printed on my renewal letter as well as on my licence ! Have tried online chat , cut off, phone , no answer. I am now going out to photo copy application and photo card licence before posting by recorded delivery.

BALBIR SINGH GREWAL    on 8 June 2021

My 11 month extension to my over 70 drv lic expiring on 16-06-21 but no reminder yet to renew my licence.will it be illegal to drive after june16th?

james jeffries    on 12 June 2021

justabout to renew mine at 70+ ,due to covid ext ension , but must keep my motorcycle licence to ,I,ve heard a number of times theyhavedeleed this part then demand a retest be taken ! ,,my licence has being valid since 1968 for cars and motorcycles !,,,any advice gratefully accepted , thanks


Got reminder in March that my over 70 licence will expire on 10/06/2021, dutifully went for on line renewal. Several weeks later early April I get mail in the post thanking me for informing them I have had a CRT(D) implanted. This was done in 2014 and they were made aware of it, I wrote back informing them of the facts, NO RESPONSE! I have wrote again with recorded delivery options explaining the facts. NO RESPONSE! I eventually filled in all the forms to inform them of my medical conditions, as a last resort (they already were informed) sent recorded delivery, NO RESPONSE. Of course my licence has expired now after my application on line in March. I'm speechless really and all the excuses that's proffered don't add up to me.
An old person who rightly or wrongly depends on car travel to exist in the country, is what it appears to me abandoned with no immediate solutions. I've just sent another e mail to them, but have minimal faith in a satisfactory response soon!!

MRS E BLANCH    on 29 June 2021

I'm over 70. I applied for a renewal by post 20/4/2021, as I couldn't do it online, got the application returned 20/5/2021 asking for a new photo although it said on the form I didn't need one, returned it next day. My licence has now expired and as I drive a Motability car their insurers have informed me I no longer have any cover. I am now left with no transport and am virtually a prisoner in my own home. I've tried phoning, emailing, web-chat, what a waste of time! I bet those workers on strike aren't waiting for their licences!

   on 29 June 2021

I have tried to contact the DVLA at length on numerous occasions by telephone and on line to no avail
Without a license check code I will not be able to complete the information required by my insurer. On line I am stymied by using the postcode appearing printed on the license which reads as IP6 0 which is not acceptable to them yet also refuses the postcode we have for bank statements
, utility bills, legal documents etc. I would also like to up-date my green paper license ( printed 1981, expiration 2028 ) to the pink card format as the paper one has traveled around the world with me and looks fatigued. I cannot move forward without DVL information ( they are apparently on strike Wed / Thurs. ) which may mean I will be without the lease car I have arranged to have delivered.
Horrible situation as I need to frequently take my husband to Papworth Hospital
Perhaps they will surprise me by sending the change of address ( postcode) forms and dealing with my request promptly….having read the above lamentations ..I live in hope

   on 5 July 2021

I also have tried to renew my driving license online and end up with a comment that I am ineligible for this service. Tried the Webchat but no operators available so unable to ask why my application is ineligible. What is going on with our wonderful DVLA?

In fairness I have never had a problem with DVLA before but reading some of the other posts I realise that there must be either a process issue or someone is acting irrationally in DVLA...why suddenly all these problems?

Allan Gambles    on 12 July 2021

Approaching 73 and trying to renew my licence online for another 3 years but it won't accept it. Says that current licence and passport are not valid both of which statements are incorrect. I did renew my passport 2 years ago so it has changed since my last licence but don't see why they can't get my photo from the new one if that's what they want.

   on 13 July 2021

On 22nd June 2021 the DVLA issued a press release under the title "Online driving licence renewals for over 70s soar as 6 out of 10 now go online" but obviously there was no mention of their ongoing problems with over 70s licence renewals (which in my case for some arcane reason needed a new photo). What was once a relatively straight forward process of online renewal is now unhelpful, and its rejection message is fundamentally flawed. Speaking to an advisor sent me on an email roundabout back to the same flawed process and rejection. In these Covid times all that is left is a physical D1 form application and weeks of delay. Surely their efforts would be best spent to temporarily do whatever is necessary to allow online renewal while they sort out the processes involved to accommodate the new digital passports. Why not revert to the previous reasonably straightforward online process for the moment?

Meanwhile their bragging press release ignored the problems of their own making and presumably the online over 70s figures are currently declining. Swansea must now be weighed down with postal applications from drivers frustrated by the unnecessary and arbitrary bureaucracy. The DVLA has a lot to learn from the Passport Office.

   on 14 July 2021

Hi, my father aged 91 and recently applied to have his driving license renewed. However it was refused. No explanation was given, and although he has telephoned several times nobody is prepared to give him an answer. He has written in but still no reason given for his license being revoked. Must the DVLA give a valid reason not to renew his license. He has no medical issue but did have heart surgery some four years ago. He is finding it very difficult without being able to drive.
Robert Fisher

cfc2000    on 15 July 2021

DVLA reminds me of my sister-in-law - a complete i****. She is a retired Chemistry teacher and still thinks she knows everything. DVLA has not been fit for purpose many years ago, but like my sister-in-law, thinks it can still boss everuone around.

   on 21 July 2021

I had my application returned because I didn't tick the box to say I wear glasses. I have worn glasses for the last 50 years, surely DVLA know that. My Wife also had her application returned for a petty reason. Are DVLA trying to make it awkward for over 70's to renew?

DENNIS BUDD    on 21 July 2021


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Geoff Davis    on 21 July 2021

My previous two 10 year passports covering the continuous period from 1997 to 2017 both had digital signatures but my latest 10 year passport issued on 26th January 2017 does not and I was required to sign it on receipt.

Despite the fact that I had already had two previous passports with digital signatures I still wasn't allowed to renew my Over 70 driving licence online even though my application was being made within the official 11 month Covid related extension period.

When I called the DVLA I was told that this was because the Passport Office had failed to tell the DVLA that they were changing from digital to physical signatures on passports from January 2017 - but that was over four years ago now!

What I still don't understand is why I wasn't allowed to apply for new licence online If I had already held two previous ten year passports with digital signatures - was this a systems error or is the statement above from the DVLA to Honest John on this matter incorrect?

I did try to apply online three or four times but the system wouldn't budge and the only reason given was that my licence had already expired. However this took no account of the fact that it had then been extended by11 months and that my application was being made within that period.

The one positive thing is that the person I spoke to at the DVLA said that the 10 week lead time quoted for the issue of licence renewals applied for by post was coming down now and that in practice I should receive my new licence quite a bit sooner than that. If so the only damage will be the cost of my having to get getting a new passport style photo. I'm keeping everything crossed!

stephen scofield    on 4 August 2021

S SCOFIELD 4-8-2021

   on 12 August 2021

Have tried to apply online but the machine wont accept my phone number saying remove non numerical items Have tried 3 times to no avail. what is this junk machine playing at?? SPIDER

VWCSK    on 12 August 2021

I had to renew my license for reach 70, did it online the week before last, sent Friday afternoon and new licence on my door mat Tuesday morning.

No passport here since 2014 so it seems to work for some.

Note though had to try about 4 times before DVLA system worked, first three times were mid morning forth and successful time late afternoon so trying a quite time might help if you have trouble online.

Michael David Greenhill    on 13 August 2021

On 13th August 2021. Just tried to renew my licence on line ready for expiry in November at age 79. It was refused. After the 3rd attempt I spoke to someone at DVLA who said I would need to apply by post although there is nothing wrong with the application or my license in any way. I will also need a photo. I renewed my passport last March2020 and have had a passport continuously for many years so it surely should have traced previous signatures and a photo from previous licenses/passports. I need it before I hope to travel outside the country towards the end of September not returning until December.I was advised to write a letter with the renewal form it the hope it can be returned quickly. I somewhat doubt it.

derek partington    on 13 August 2021

applied by post for my renewal on 17 June 2012. not yet received my new Licence?

Paul Fairbairn    on 20 August 2021

Trying to renew my wife's 0vet-70 license online. Two attempts - after reading all the above, used earlier passport number and got as far as "download this form" page but foolishly did not print off a copy. Have tried again today and got a new error message -

You are not eligible to apply for this service. etc."


peter moss    on 24 August 2021

DONT bother going on line you get down to the last page and then press next TO MET WITH OH DEAR YOU BEEN TIMED OUT ,the DVLA stopped the renewal forms being in the post office ,their onlIne chat does not work although it states its open from 8am ,the plane here is get older drivers off the road it was part of their commitment quota for the EU and the new biodegradable lead free ,non viloent vegantarian ,carbon free Paris Accord that the gov signed up to without asking the public .

Anthony Whicker    on 28 August 2021

My good older friends it seems us over 70s are now all in the same boat,johnson&all his cronies at the DVLA do not want us to renew our licences they all want us off the road,talk about race discrimination all we get from this government is age discrimination,should be an offence to treat senior citizens the way they are doing.

Greg Odonoghue    on 6 September 2021

It might be helpful for others to know this.....I have been trying several times to renew online and keep getting failure messages half way through the process. I have just tried again now (maybe late afternoon is a good time, who knows???) and it worked this time!

David Hairyes    on 7 September 2021

Surely someone can take responsibility for this utter fiasco, Us golden oldies do NOT deserve extra stress at this time of their lives.

   on 11 September 2021

Yesterday and after 4 days of trying I finally spoke to the DVLA. I am 73 and want to renew my licence. I have had a passport since 1962. I have a digital signature on my present passport and on my current driving licence.

The DVLA tell me that they are unable to verify who I am as the link to the Passport Office no longer works and they require a new photograph and my old licence. They have my digital photo, they have my signature, they have my NI number, they have my full address and they have my date of birth.

The DVLA strives to achieve mediocrity and constantly fails to do so. A complete shambles.

Bill Bland    on 11 September 2021

As above, I have tried to renew my licence online. Only to be told I am not allowed. I have a digital passport renewed in 2020, digital signature but can’t contact DVLA online nor by helpline, all too busy to talk to people. I cannot find out why I am illegible for online!!
Very poor service but it’s what we have come to expect from government !

Ray Ford    on 20 September 2021

I’ve driven bikes all my life and I’m now 70 so have to renew my full licence which I can do via form D46P or online. I have the old paper licence and have been fully qualified to drive bikes and cars for many, many years. I looked online and began completing the information required when it showed the following:

“If you have entitlement to drive:
• Minibuses up to 16 passenger seats (not for hire or reward)
• Minibuses on a voluntary basis (if you passed your Category B test after 1.1.97)
• Medium sized vehicles between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes (and trailers)
and you wish to retain this entitlement, you cannot renew online. If you do not wish to retain this entitlement, click 'Next' and DVLA will renew your car entitlement only.”

Note the final sentence above which is the problem with the online application. It looks like you will receive a driving card licence for cars only! On the other hand, the paper application form (D46P) does not mention the categories applied for and I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that bikers have had their biking entitlement excluded when they have had their new licence issued. Help please!!

Roy Greenwood    on 20 September 2021

Hi Ray. It says you have to write down the numbers off your driving licence when you apply otherwise you will lose entitlement.

Ralph Dunn    on 24 September 2021

Won't accept our new E-Mail address.
On-screen is an old address which has been cancelled.
States our address does not match. try again.
Can't get it to accept new address.
Any ideas people?

   on 24 September 2021

My licence was due for renewal last March in time for my birthday on 05/04. Forms duly completed and promptly returned knowing that there was a six week turnaround. As expected, due to my having a pacemaker and other for other medical reasons, my application was refered to the DVLA medical department who it seems, are unreachable as now, after several emails, letters and many phone call, few of which managed to get connected, six months have passed and still no licence. Whilst my car was being serviced, I was offered a courtesy car which I had to refuse as of course, I am unable to produce my licence. In normal times I would be away on holiday but not this year. Reason, unable to hire a car. I really begin to feel that the COVID 19 excuse is wearing a little thin. No matter where we turn, if things are lost, mislaid or just not done, it's all the fault of COVID, bit like trying to see one's G# Never mind I suppose, DVLA tell me that they have my application so I expect that if I live long enough, I might actually see it one day.
Incidentally, I know of others who have now waited longer than I!

Brian Clark

DJ Walker    on 30 September 2021

I filled in the renewal form for over 70s online but was told it wasn't accepted (no reason given). I have now received a letter asking for the return of the old licence cut in two. They have supplied an envelope - which isn't prepaid.

This goes against their advice still shown on Twitter which suggests waiting for the new licence before returning the old one.

alan faulkner    on 30 September 2021

just applied to renew my over 70 licence,(im 75) half way through it said "not eligible for this service", it didnt say why or give any reason, so how am i supposed to know what to do next, ive had a passport since the 60s and renewed to a photo licence a while ago with no problem, this is a shambles. tried phone, chat e mail, but not been able to contact anyone as yet. its about time this was sorted, most other companies have returnedd to normal and dont use covid as an excuse for bad service, ALAN

   on 30 September 2021

Still no solution to the issue with newer issued passports signature isqsues. So a 10 week wait and cost of either postoffice or new photos and posting documents securely abd risk of being with out them and never seeing again. Dvla are No longer fit for purpose

David Wylie-Sporne    on 8 October 2021

I have just tried to apply to renew my over 70 license. I'm within the 90 day period for doing this but got "not eligible for this service", it didn't give any reason, so I tried the online chat option and then after entering a lot of information it stated that there was no one available to respond to the chat and asked me to try again later. I tried this several times with the same result. They say that they will send out a D46P form to apply 90 days before expiry. It is now within the 90 days and I have not received any communication from them. This is unacceptable. The service is not fit for purpose.

Penelope Williams    on 4 November 2021

I am a similar victim: DVLA sent me a 70+ reminder early in July 2021, which I completed online; it stated a new licence arrives within 20 days.
Six weeks later? Nothing! I tried again using the PAPER application form originally received plus, I enclosed my cut-up licence when posting back.
A short while later a form arrived asking for specific medical details plus my GP’s information.
I returned it immediately, but before they could possibly have received it, I received notification that my application had been successful.
This MUST have therefore been referencing my initial online application; I was delighted.
Three months later…silence.
My GP has never been contacted, and there is NO WAY TO SPEAK TO A REPRESENTATIVE AT DVLA.
I have no licence, and did not record my licence number before posting it; I do have my Driver Number though, which should allow a trace, but if DVLA are non-contactable…I, and many others, are legally in No-Man’s-Land.
It does state on government sites that, unless there is a legally valid reason for one ‘being denied a licence’ then one is covered to drive until a new licence appears’.
Tell THAT to a police officer who may ask for the production of a licence.

dennis finnie    on 10 November 2021

i renewed my passport online,may 2020 when i was 70years,still waiting for it to arrive,tried to phone cant get through ,wrote severall letters no reply,i told my ref number also.dennis finnie

Mike hary    on 11 November 2021

Mike Hardy

Well I am coming up to seventy eight,
So with my driving licence don’t want to be too late,
And the ‘on line’ service is made for me,
Except when I complete the on line form tells me of my ineligibility,

But good there is a service ‘click here’ for help you see,
But 0300 123 0815 ‘answering’ say they are busy and suggest go on line-and puts down the phone on me.
But now there is a web chat so this is great,
But they are sorry there is no one available to have web chat mate.

I had one or two attempts and know that is a bit poor,
Keep trying says everybody perhaps aim for a score,
Well I have now my friends, twenty one in fact,
But I am still ineligible, lines still busy and the friendly web people still not there for a chat!!!!!

marion moranda    on 12 November 2021

Renewed online over 70 yr in July 21, received email when done to say ' to complete the application they need to validate it' l was then instructed to complete paper form and return with cut up licence. I did this but have heard nothing after email, webchat , phonecalls with no response until today. Following one of my many emails , it said the usual delay excuses but a link so you can see how thi gs are progressing. It always said when l have look previously, awaiting paper application now it says ' transaction completed no licence issued'.
No reason why, l am at a loss at what to do now any advise please.

Maurice Stafford    on 23 November 2021

My licence expires 16th Dec 2021. I am 79 years of age,and I I tried to renew online on 10th October 2021 but did not recognise the digital signature on my passport.
I then sent off an application form with a new passport photograph.
No reply from DVLA and impossible to contact them online- web chat is useless , that's when I managed to find it. How do you contact them? - is it possible.
It is easier to plait sawdust than get through to them!!
What do I do?

   on 26 November 2021

I'm over 75. You go all through the process online and then DVLA tell you it's not possible to renew online. The paper process takes weeks but meantime they regard you as renewed. just as well because my licence expired 12 months ago!!

Edwin Pink    on 2 December 2021

My over 70 licence originally expired Nov 2020. Extended by 11 months, the new expiration date was extended to Oct 2021.
I did not receive a reminder by post, as did a friend of similar age to me.
I tried unsuccessfully to renew online during the year. At the end of process it stated that there was a problem with my passport info. I now know it was something to do with digital signatures.

At end of Oct, in desperation, I resorted to sending off Form D1. From current info, I don't expect anything back from them till Jan 2022.

In the meantime, I'm not risking driving with an expired licence.

Remember the good old days - a little red driving licence you could renew at a Post Office? All done & dusted same day.

Paul Allen Taylor    on 4 December 2021

Paul Taylor aged 75
I posted my licence back to the DVLA at the begining of October as my licence runs out on the 22/12/2021 as of yet I have not received any notification that they have received it although it was sent to be signed for an delivery. I have emailed the DVLA twice with no reply , I looked for a phone number which is now obsolete and the alternative phone number would cost me £3-60p per minute plus line charges ( another government con for more money ) where do they think this money is coming from, as a pensioner my money is under a constant strain as it is are they trying to push me off the road, although they not backward in sending me a road tax renewal form weeks before its due to run out. So where is my new licence do they not consider that Christmas is only a few weeks away so that it may be held up or lost in the post or is that the excuse they will use. So send me my renewal so that I may enjoy the festive season without further worry

JudeS    on 15 December 2021

My licence had to be renewed at the end of November at age 73. I tried on several occasions to do it online with no luck - having gone through all the form-filling I was then told that I needed a new photograph - in spite of the fact that my passport had been renewed in January with a new photo - the DVLA are unable to access it. I posted my application on 29th October, they received it on 1st November and I received my new licence on 2nd December! Well done DVLA!

Michael Kendrick Hastilow    on 17 December 2021

Mike H
I have tried over 30 times in last 2 days to renew my licence after receiving document advising online - each time to be told authentication not possible thru my passport number - which was done online ! After filling all forms on webchat told no one to answer , same on phone. How can we follow their advice if it doesnt work and you cant tell them!!!!

   on 16 January 2022

I am 74 and suffer from Glaucoma. My licence expired 17 Dec 2021. Having received notification from DVLA to undertake an optical testing, this was duly done at Specsavers on 24 Nov 2021. Since then I have heard nothing from DVLA. I've tried several times to ring only to be told "we're busy" and cut off. Emailed with similar response, "don't ring us we'll notify you yeah or neigh".
So, since there's no change in my condition and I'm continuing with my medication as usual, I continue to drive. In the event of any unfortunate driving incident I hope that the Police will understand my circumstances are purely DVLA caused.
Covid restrictions etc. aside the DVLA are clearly in a mess and not able to provide the service that the General Public deserve.

Gillian Rudge    on 28 January 2022

I have a valid passport from 2014. I filled dvla application online several times to renew. I do not have the driver number (should be item 4d on card) I was not asked for passport info which should have been OK. I was thrown off as not able to do online.

John Way    on 14 February 2022

Applied by post for new licence as I am over 70 on 29/11/2021 still waiting and cannot get through to talk to anyone.
shouild I just carry on driving and wait to be prosecuted as my current licence ran out on 12/2/2022

   on 21 February 2022

Same here my licence expired on 8 Dec 2020, 11 months grace so tried to renew in June 2021 with plenty of time not eligible on line. Then received a D46P which I completed and returned on 23 September 2021, still no luck, tired emailing, automated message back, sent a registered letter 4 February 2022, tracked to see if it was signed for, it was, but still wating. Licence showing expired on line.Telephone, chat line all hopeless, don't know what to do next, Heeeelp

David Simpson

ian s martin    on 24 February 2022

Renewing driving licence online seems to be designed to eradicate all drivers over 70. Have tried to renew in order to change address and photo, but as passport has recently expired I was refused. I have tried this three times and although willing to provide photo am still refused.

Is this all a classic example of automated systems designed by jobsworths who not only don't know what the left hand is doing, but also have a right hand that doesn't believe that the left hand exists?

For further details on this interesting phenomenon, please check Peter's Principle (aka Peter's Law) which states that: People are promoted until they eventually achieve a status that they are totally incompetent to fill, after which they are no longer promoted. Eventually all posts within an organisation are staffed by complete incompetents. I fear that this may have already happened within the DVLA.

   on 5 March 2022

When trying to renew my passport online at the age of 73 it took six months numerous calls to my MP and DVLA ended up doing it by paper application, it eventually arrived and I thought thank goodness but no I’ve recently moved and tried to change address on line same problem my passport is not valid ( this is a new styleBritish passport .) I despair the DVLA are not fit for purpose

   on 10 March 2022

Successfully renewed licence 2 years ago for change of address. Now just reached 70 and no reminder of expiry received and repeated attempts on line always end with ‘you are not eligible’ despite renewing passport successfully 2 years ago and having held passports my adult life so they have a signature on record for me. Simply woeful performance. As a matter of urgency they should extend the current validity of licences for the ‘ineligible’ who have been rejected on line. Let me guess whose software they use, Fujitsu?

Geoff Henman    on 10 March 2022

I'm approaching 70 and assumed I need ro renew my licence...but when looking at it it appears my entitlement runs until 2024...when I will be 72.
Were extensions granted during Covid ?

ChrisJH    on 19 March 2022

I am currently 74 years old. I have held a British passport continuously for over 40 years and my current BLUE passport was issued in 2021 - presumably without a digital signature. I think the previous burgundy passport may have had one but I am not certain. I have also held a full UK driving licence continuously since 1964.
Having received the DVLA form D46P I followed the advice and completed the on-line application for over 70s to be told no photograph was available.
There was no indication of what to do next.
Do I obtain a passport photograph and send it off with the form D46P????
Chris Hancock

Sandra Maureen Febry    on 23 March 2022

I sent my renewall for my driving Licence on the 16th January heard nothing for 7 weeks then sent a Medical form to fill in sent it bact on the 15th march by registered post up untillI have heard nothing so I am still waiting can nobody help me in this matter Thank you

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