61-plate: Monthly deals under £250

If you’re interested in a 61-plate car but you’re on a budget then some of the finance packages on offer in our deals section might be suitable – you’ll be surprised what falls into your price bracket.

£250 per month is about the equivalent of £8.50 per day, and yet some of the vehicles available at this rate are positively premium. Of course, you don’t have to spend the full £250 to get a sensible car. If you’ve got a bit more to spend then click here to see cars up to £500 per month.

10. Audi A1
Audi’s well built premium hatchback costs from the magic £250, but expect to pay more for higher spec models. It's filled with high quality touches that make it feel like a much larger car than it is, including a pop-up colour screen on all models. 

9. Volkswagen Golf
Think of a family car and you probably picture a Golf. It’s perhaps the most famous car in its class thanks to a long lineage and a blend of practicality, quality and reasonable pricing. You can have one from £245 per month.

8. Volvo C30
A stylish two-door alternative to the usual Focus or Golf, the C30 is a handsome car which is available with a variety of engines from a frugal, congestion charge exempt 1.6-diesel to a fiery 2.5-litre turbo. The C30 is available from £240 per month

A car many people aspire to own, the MINI has an image very few other cars can match, meaning strong resale values. This classless little hatchback costs from £239 per month.

6. Mazda MX-5
The epitome of cheap, fun motoring, the MX-5 might seem out of reach to many, but from £231 per month you can enjoy rear-wheel drive open-topped joy without spending an absolute fortune. 

5. Honda Jazz 
A car that’s extremely easy to recommend, thanks to a brilliant design that maximises interior space while keeping exterior dimensions small. The Jazz is a reliable, well packaged car and can be yours from £214 per month.

4. Suzuki Swift 
If you’re looking for a fun, dynamic drive then you’re probably looking for a MINI, but the well equipped, attractively styled Swift is a joy to drive and comes in cheaper - prices start at a reasonable £191 per month.

3. Nissan Juke 
This curiously styled crossover has loads of road presence – it looks like nothing else on sale, so standing if you want to stand out from the crowd it’s ideal, and it’s not too steeply priced. It starts at £183 per month.

2. Volkswagen Polo 
If a Golf is too big for you yet you want the same image and quality then the Polo is a good bet, and despite its upmarket aspirations it’s decent value. Prices start at £147 per month.

1. Kia Picanto
The new Picanto impresses in almost every area, from its exceptionally low running costs to its build quality, styling and equipment levels, it represents fantastic value for money whether purchased outright or on finance. Prices start at £138 per month. 


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