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BMW 118D SE 2007 45,000 mls Full BMW service hist - Any advice please - maset

Hi all 1st post so any advice much apreciated!

Re my BMW 118D SE Auto. Driving apx 30 mph 2 wks ago it just stopped, a week prev to this I thought exhaust blowing as I was told at the last BM service (it was under warant at this time) there was noise from exhaust a small hole starting but wld be ok till next service). I asked if I could get an extended waranty at this time and was told not possible. (BMW are confused why I was told this)

Took it to BMW put on diagnostics machine E68.00. Then they checked the cam shaft & timing E270.00 which is excellent so they say not the timing chain. They found coolant leaking outside through exhaust. Now removing the EGR E90.00. Say they don't know whats wrong, never had this before-unchartered terotory. Not sure what damage done and will need new parts

After reading all the posts and the known BMW manufacturing problem, I thought it was the timing chain especially as they say it can start with what sounds like a noisy exhaust.

Has anyone had a similar problem or any ideas...thank you..Mar


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