Dulling paintwork - Dwight Van-Driver
My daughter has an 'M'reg Ford Escort, red colour. Last weekend I noticed a dull whitish bloom on the paint over the rear wing. I removed this with T Cut application then polished off with Mer.

What causes this and can I stop it?

Also anybody agree that HJ should have larger column space in Sats DT?
Re: Dulling paintwork - Andrew Moorey
If it is isolated to this one panel and the white bloom continues up to adjoining panel gaps then there is a very good chance that it has been repainted.
Re: Dulling paintwork - David Woollard
Andrew is right but search the threads about a week or two ago when we aired this very subject of fading and red pigment.

Re: Dulling paintwork - Mike Rollings
I looked up some threads on this for last December or Jan and there was reference to a blotchy lacquer finish. I have a similar problem. My Alfa 75 roof and boot has a lacquer finish which is coming off and the car looks awful as a result. Polishing the exposed paint with Autoglym improves the colour quite well.

I have a quote of about £400 for stripping and respraying the affected area which is above my current budget. The lacquer can be peeled off by sliding a thin Stanley under the lacwuer, but this is an extremely slow and laborious task.

Does anyone have any better ideas please?
Re: Dulling paintwork - Tony Cooper
I completely agree that HJ should have a bigger section in the Saturday Telegraph.
I admit to buying the paper on Saturday just to read the Motoring section with HJ's bit being the best of the lot.

Some of the sections that are contained in this edition of the paper are there purely for padding and to generate advertising revenue IMHO.

More power to HJ, I don't know the man but trust his motoring advice.

Editor and owners of Telegraph please note.......................give him more column space please.

Re: Dulling paintwork - honest john
In answer to these generous requests, the Telegraph doesn't pay me enough for what I do already. Eventually, this website is supposed to make some money so I can earn a decent living. If it doesn't I'll have to chuck it in and go back to car dealing. (Can't do both. There aren't enough hours in the week.)

Re: Dulling paintwork - Mark
In addition to the other suggestions you've had.....

Working on internet, web site, and e-business strategies is something I do. Including business plans, ROIs & CBAs of other lines. Especially convergence which is a big coming thing.

Dunno whether I'm good at it or not, but if I'm not, I get paid a lot for being bad.

If you want help, I'll help. (bearing in mind that sometimes the answer is "sorry, its not going to work").

And, contrary to everything I believe, no charge.

Here or e-mail me.

If you're already getting the right advice & support, don't worry, I shan't be offended.


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