Insurance categories - Citroënian {P}
Found this on another website, it's a listing for the insurance views on postcodes in the UK. Makes interesting reading, and although I'm sure it's not a definitive list, the postcodes I know seem well reflected.


Insurance categories - slefLX
Any idea what "Refer" means on that list? That's what my postcode came out as and I can't be bothered registering to that forum just to ask one question. I've read the thread to see if I can find the answer but without success although that could be me being dense!)
Insurance categories - Andrew-T
The 'Refer' areas are clearly the high-risk ones (e.g. nearly all of Liverpool area) and the word is equivalent to POA on a used-car advert.
Insurance categories - slefLX
How did you guess I'm in Liverpool?! ;o)
Insurance categories - Andrew-T
I'm not so far away myself - so I have an idea what I mean!
Insurance categories - JamesH
The list may only relate to one insurance company.

The 'Refer' will mean a higher risk than an 'F', which may need to be referred to a special underwriter to assess the risk.



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