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I had EAC error code today, I didnt warm car off first thing and it cut out. Started engine again and then waited until it ticked over before I pulled off. i travelled about a mile then i started losing power I thought it was my clutch. I pulled over called the AA, while waiting I looked on forums and it stated to re-start engine and it will clear. Which I did and power resumed again. When the AA came out no fault could be found on his diagnostic report and advised it looks like it runs ok. Checked under bonnet no issues with engine etc. He advised to go to garage to get a better diagnostic report as there software is not good. I then called into a halfords garage and he said there report would be the same as the AA IF no fault could be found, unsure whether I should go to a ford dealer for an indepth report or is this just a con?

EAC error - Bromptonaut

Did you get a warning light ?

Presumably the engine management system detected a fault and put it into limp mode to prevent potential damage. Fault not re-detected after restart so normality returns.

I'd carry on for a few days and see if it does it again. If so then take it to dealer for a fuller report. Then discuss with techs what any fault code might mean and go on from there.

My 12yo HDi Xantia occasionally 'gags' under acceleration and puts it's EM fault light on but does not invoke limp mode. HAving had the fault codes read - some valve on the turbo is sluggish to either open or close - I decided to live with it.

If it was a newer car or in more demanding role than station hack and back up for family Berlingo I might have had it seen to.


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