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Seat ibiza central door locking problem - xav

a few weeks ago, my left door (living outside uk) didn't open, and close anymore with the central system, so I bought a new one, but last week, as I intend to change it, I realised it's definitively not the same. So I went back to Seat and asked them about, and after long searched, the guy told me the one I have (with 2 connectors) doesn't exist anymore, and the new one is the one with only one connector, but he couldn't (or didn't want) tell me how to connect 2 X 3 pins into a 1 X 4 connector...

So if somebody can help me forward...




P.S. sorry for my english
Seat ibiza central door locking problem - IanT
www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?f=4&t=88...7 describes a different car with a different central locking system. But in Simon's reply dated 15/Jan/03 21:31, he describes how you can have master and slave locking motors with different wiring connectors. Could this be your problem?

Seat ibiza central door locking problem - xav
Thank's Ian,
but I checked the reply, not really helpful. But it should be the same on the other VAG, like Golf, Polo..., cars

Seat ibiza central door locking problem - DGW
If you don't get the information you require on this forum, try posting on www.seatcupra.net - a very active UK forum for SEAT owners.
Seat ibiza central door locking problem - xav
I'll try



Seat ibiza central door locking problem - bigger al
A 2 wire door motor from a car alarm/car stereo dealer will fit your Seat. Should cost no more than £25 32 euros (i think)

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