Very Slow Internet Explorer - bintang

I have Windows 7, IE 8 and BT Broadband. I have many websites in my Favorites folder. On December 26 some of these became very slow to load. My bank site takes about 2 mins. to open and then 2 mins. each for the following stages after login, about 12 minutes to get to a account details.

Someone on a different computer, with a different phone line but sharing the same Home Hub has no problem with the same bank. Another high-security site of mine, a building society, is OK.

There is no problem with Outlook or elsewhere. After clearing out with Delete History, Crap Clear and SlimCleaner I have given full scans with MS Security Essentials and Malwarebytes Nothing untoward was revealed. What can I do about this please?

Best wishes anyway to all posters for the New Year .

Very Slow Internet Explorer - bintang

Cured it myself via System Rrestore but thanks for your attention.

Very Slow Internet Explorer - MikeTorque

Hopefully it was a software glitch. However, there could be a hardware issue developing. If the problem reoccurs then use restore again but if the problem keeps reoccurring then it's worth reinstalling all the software from scratch, ensure you reformat the disk prior to installation, it's a long process but at least you know you'll have a fresh system.

If the problem reoccurs any time after that then suspect a hardware issue.

Very Slow Internet Explorer - bintang

Noted with thanks

Very Slow Internet Explorer - crazygal

Slow web pages could be the result of dns server timeouts. Your router is probably getting the dns servers from your Internet provider. (Logging on to the router should tell you the routers dns server IP address).

The PC's could be getting their dns server IP address either from your Server or the 2700HGV router. Disconnecting your server from the network and connecting a PC to the router should test this premise.

Take your server out of equation and see if Internet access and webpages speeds up.

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