VW Transporter 2006 Diesal - Flood Damage - jagmansmith

Our van was washed away several metres down the lane whilst parked outsde home by flood water. The vehicle was floated down and left agianst a clump of trees facing the torrent. Will water have entered the engine/sump and if so what will be the likely problems to engine and transmission.There is water in the cabin probably via the heater/vents so water washed up to windscreen level. Is there likely to be much damage to underside as ripped up tarmac,stone wall boulders and general debris has been washed under. Local roads unpassable at present so cannot arrange recovery,any advice/suggestions would be apreciated. G.S.

VW Transporter 2006 Diesal - Flood Damage - madf

The ECU/el;electrics are likely to be ruined.

VW Transporter 2006 Diesal - Flood Damage - Peter D

Sounds like an insurance job. I suspect a right off. Regards Peter


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