Low idling rpm / stalling Astra 1.4 - Flish
Hi all, hope you can give some pointers.

Jumped in car this morning, K Reg Astra 1.4 LS, turned over and then stalled instantly. Tried again, and same. However if I keep my foot on the revs it stays alive, let go and instant stall.

Being in a hurry decided to a careful trip into work (15 mins) which was slow and cautious (anticipation to avoid breaking) but after 5 mins of warmth was ok. However noticed that at a standstill it was idling at about 500rpm, wasn';t stalling but engine sounded like it was only one step away. AFAIK It normally idles around 1000rpm, maybe a bit more.

Any ideas? Has been running fine, has had new HT lead on one spark in last 3 months, but that was different symptoms, this has power without problems when foot down, and in this cold wet weather I suspect it's not going to get better on it's own!

Low idling rpm / stalling Astra 1.4 - David Davies
Sounds very much like a failed idle control motor.This is fitted to the central fuel injection unit and,from memory has four wires going to it.One possible test is to remove the motor and reconnect the plug to observe any motion when the ignition is switched on-it should do something when first powered up. You could try giving it a clean with carburetter cleaner.Let us know how you get on.
David Davies (Tune-Up Raglan)


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