My BMW Z4 has a damaged alloy wheel and run-flat tyre, can they be repaired?

My BMW Z4 has a cracked alloy wheel and a punctured run flat on the rear can either of these be professionally welded/repaired (by say Lepsons or a properly qualified wheel/tyre repair outlet? If not what is the best option? (Looks like a new wheel and tyre might be about £800 ?)

I am also wondering about swapping out the run flats which give quite a harsh ride for just normal non run flat tyres, any input on this?

Asked on 26 July 2023 by birdieman

Answered by David Ross
Repairs on alloy wheels will require a thorough examination to assess the extent of the damage. A small crack might be reparable but if the structure of the wheel is compromised it will have to be replaced. If the cost of a new wheel is too great then you could consider finding a good used example, or potentially swapping the wheels for other BMW wheels or aftermarket alternatives.

Repairs on run-flat tyres are possible, but it depends on the manufacturer of the tyre and the nature of the damage. For example, Goodyear and Bridgestone say you can repair their run-flat tyres while Continental and Pirelli say it is not possible. It also depends on where you go to get the tyre repaired, as some high-street tyre garages will not carry out repairs.

Swapping all your run flats for regular tyres will give an improved ride quality, as well as giving you a bit more choice and potentially cutting the cost too. You will however need to make some kind of provisions for a puncture, whether that is a space-saver spare, tyre inflation kit or a good breakdown provider.
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