VW Polo+Pierburg 1b3 carbs - wise nomad
My wifes 1989 1043cc Polo(60k)suffers from idle stalling in the warm up period,usually after about 5 min after starting or a couple of miles running.This is annoying especially at jcns, roundabouts etc.
A few mins later the problem goes and the car runs perfectly.
This occurs in the months oct-apr and has done it since the car was bought in 1999.
The carb is a std Pierburg 1b3.
I have tried everything component wise to try and cure it,inc different carb(another 1b3)/manifold heater/warm air system etc etc.
Conversion to manual choke has not really made a difference,as the only way to overcome the problem is have the engine revving at about 3000+.
I suspect the problem is icing around the idle progression holes(power is unaffected).I've tried to get hold of the throttle body heater that fits in the carb body,but is proving as elusive as Lord Lucan!
I heard of additives that can help,anyone used them?
Any ideas/help would be appeciated,as my patience is running out!
VW Polo+Pierburg 1b3 carbs - Phil I
O wise nomad , a search at top of page would have brought you
several threads of recent origin covering this subject in depth.

Happy Motoring Phil I

VW Polo+Pierburg 1b3 carbs - wise nomad
Yes thanks for that,(I'm new in this parts,nomadic tendancies you know!).
No actual mention of throttle body heater.Has anyone actually seen one of these square little things?(I can locate the round type from 2e2/2e3's)
I notice the position of the casting to mount it is in the area of the progression holes.Does this signify that what is happening in my case is not uncommon?
I notice there are problems with other Pierburgs,I'm just trying to see if this is a common ailment with Polos of this vintage.
PS.most manuals refer to a weber 32TLA as being fitted to Polos,
again I've never come across one.Has anyone else?
VW Polo+Pierburg 1b3 carbs - Big John

Usual VW Carb Icing problem (again). Affects most Polos/Golfs!

Check that the 1 1/2" warm air pipe between exhaust manifold and air filter is intact or even there - yes you do need it! Also check that the vacuum operated valve in the body of the air filter housing moves to the warm air position with the engine running(in winter).

VW Polo+Pierburg 1b3 carbs - pmh
as Big J

Assuming 1b3 is similar set up to Solex 31pic7

plus check that manifold vacuum is actually reaching the flap and that temperature sensing valve (situated in air filter) is actually working. (Normally clogged up pipes with solid oily crud).

If temp sensing valve is not working just temporarily connect the flap vave directly to manifold vacuum for winter running to see if problem goes away. You may then have some different problems when it has warmed up!

The final solution to my multitude of intermittent poor running was having the carb reconditioned.

I cannot recommend Carburetter Exchange at Leighton Buzzard too highly for customer service!

pmh (was peter)


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