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The Coil pack failed on my daughters 1.4 Corsa 2 weeks ago. This was confirmed by the error codes on the dash. I replaced it but the replacement coil pack didnt work. I called a breakdown company who cleared the codes and the same error codes returned, they said the replacement coil pack was faulty.

I returned the faulty part and the new one worked straight away but tonight it has failed again and the car broke down- I am getting the same error codes.

Is there anything else that could be causing the coil pack to consistently fail? or could it be something further down the line.

The first replacement coil pack was a cheapie but the second was made by Bosch apparently - surely something else is causing this fault?

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"made by Bosch apparently",If it is a genuine part it will have the Bosch name and logo stamped on the top together with a part number.Genuine coil packs on these rarely give problems.Also what make spark plugs are used and check the electrical connector to the coil pack to check the pins are clean and tight.hth

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Does anybody feel like helping "Doog"

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My wife's corsa has exactly the same problem. Twice the coil pack has failed in 3 years, the car is now just out of warranty (3 years and 2 weeks old) and on its 3rd coil pack!! The dealer says some times they have problems if fuel has been contaminated so would advise spark plugs should be replaced as well.

I didn't get an answer to:- why is it only this car that suffers as both my daughter and myself have cars that we fill up in the same garage and yet they have not had this problem. One difference in the other cars they are not Vauxhalls
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Two things I know of which can contribute to premature coil pack failure are excessive spark plug gaps and possibly HT leads breaking down, as these cause a higher than normal build up of voltage at the delivery point of the coil pak.

Vauxhall Corsa C - Coil pack keeps failing - doog

Thanks, it doesnt have HT leads. Plugs are brand new, I couldnt measure the gap on them but would presume they would be as near as possible. Swapped another coil pack in this morning, still no joy, the only thing I noticed was that plug 4 looked extremely sooted up when I checked it beaeing in mind its less than 2 weeks old. Anyway its been recovered to a local garage, will see how they get on. Some suggestions online it may be the crank shaft sensor.

Vauxhall Corsa C - Coil pack keeps failing - doog

Crankshaft sensor fitted today still not starting. No spark at the plugs, still getting same error codes, other than checking all wiring thoroughly its looking like an ECU problem

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My brother had a corsa C with a starting problem. Turned out to be a bad earth which is quite common on the 1.2 engines-not sure about the 1.4s. We only discovered this after going down the crank sensor route cus that's the easiest/cheapest thing to replace!

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Failed coil pack. Had that with my Ford Fiesta Black Special Edition. I got to a garage in 1st and 2nd gear with all the dashboard lights flashing on and off, and constant back-fires. New coil pack, new spark plug leads, new spark plugs. All fitted and working fine. One month later car started having same symptoms, pulling back on power. Took it back to the garage and replaced coil pack for free under warranty. They said it's the last time they do this. Technician asked me if I opened up the bonnet and jet washed the car. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I said no, and never do that sort of thing. He found water on the engine, and had it down I drove over a large puddle and water somehow got over the top of engine. Lucky lucky for me, at a party I got talking with a Senior Ford manager. Well, it turns out the windscreen washers were faulty. For my year model, Ford made 1000's of faulty windscreen washers. They leak at the back under the hood side. Seals are faulty. Get your windscreen washers replaced asap. If I hadn't spent under £20-00 to replace them, the coil pack would keep shorting out, and damaged.

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