Right Car, Wrong Car - Citroënian {P}
Or whatever it's called. What did everyone think of it tonight? It thought it was quite good, but then it did have a MINI on it.

Tragically, I noticed that the car shown had the £270 SALT pack and £250 alloys on it, taking the price to £10,820 and then maybe and extra £250 if it was metallic black paint...Perhaps I should get out more.


She seemed to love the MINI but went for the Peugeot - I'd have loved to see them try and haggle with a MINI dealer, I'd be interested just how cheap you can get one with a bit of haggling. Wonder if they told her not to go for the MINI as there was no chance of discounting. (And the SALT pack already includes "flaps"!)

Am I alone in thinking she was nuts to go for the Insight? Very clever, but I it must wind up with eye watering servicing bills and the batteries will fail, bringing a whole new set of headaches into long term car ownership.

I'm beginning to warm to the little fellow who threw up on the Motorshow programme, he's quite a cheeky chappie...

Right Car, Wrong Car - Pugugly {P}
Waiting for my car a few weeks ago at my BMW dealer I saw a part exchangeless punter brow beat a salesman on an ex demo 320. He got £500.00 off the sticker price, tax, diesel, set of mats (£120.00 worth), he did rather well I thought. When SWMBO bought her Mini at the same dealership, she had a tank of petrol and a bunch of flowers.....But nothing else other than a smile.
Right Car, Wrong Car - alex

The team tried negotiating for a MINI deal in the last series ... but got nowhere. So no doubt that's why they didn't try it again.

What I did find odd was that the FIAT Stilo they were testing was being driven around the streets of Liverpool without having any registration plates fitted (not even trade plates).
Isn't that "illegal ?"
Right Car, Wrong Car - Phil G
Stilo had trade plates in the window.

Yes she was mad to go for the Insight. I bet in real world conditions 206 HDI is just as economical. 206 also doesn't have uber expensive and limited life batteries to replace. Insight used values are bound to be terrible imo. She got a hefty discount because it will have been sitting on the forecourt for ages without so much as a sniff.

Did the first 206 HDI that she drove no have alloys and the one had the round up did or are my eyes deceiving me? Dear me we are sharp.

And moaning about insurance group 11? Such a marginal factor in the total running costs I would have thought.
Right Car, Wrong Car - ucjtckc
What amazed me was the low finance rates she was offered.... 'I can 3.75% from RAC/Tesco'

When have RAC or Tesco ever been that low? The most amazing thing was that the dealer macthed the rate- do they really have such flexibility in the rates they offer?

Right Car, Wrong Car - JamesH
Tesco are doing about 3.8% right now on their website!

On WCRC they always try to haggle with the flat rate. It's what dealers like as it's easy to calculate and looks low.

The best way to compare loans is the APR. As a rule of thumb is is about double the flat rate (the Tesco APR is 7.3%). I expect this is what you thought they were haggling on.

Right Car, Wrong Car - RichL
What I did find odd was that the FIAT Stilo they
were testing was being driven around the streets of Liverpool without
having any registration plates fitted (not even trade plates).
Isn't that "illegal ?"

Technically yes it is, however....
My father works for the RAC in vehicle inspections and gets to talk to a lot of people in trade. He was speaking to an importer a few months ago who was telling him he'd just delivered a car to Liverpool. As he entered the city he was suprised to be pulled over by an annoyed copper, who told him to get his trade plates off quick and rest them on the dash.
According to the copper it was common for theives to simply walk up and detach the plates from the car while it was stopped in traffic. As most of these are held on with magnets or suction cups I can beleive it.
Right Car, Wrong Car - Soupytwist
I thought that she was insane to go for the Insight, the servicing costs are horrendous I should think and I doubt that there's much of a pool of knowledge about them being built up like there would be on something a bit more commonplace, so if anything went wrong the dealership would take ages to fix it.

She'll never be able to sell it secondhand and as for the colour, words fail me. She got such a good deal because the dealership couldn't believe someone had come in and actually wanted to buy one.

Bald bloke certainly encouraged her to push hard for what she wanted though, which was good.

Matthew Kelly
No, not that one.
Right Car, Wrong Car - Maz
Bald bloke certainly encouraged her to push hard for what she
wanted though, which was good.

Yes he got her a 'good' deal on a very strange car. But shouldn't he have warned her of the pitfalls?

Since the three second hand cars are presented as his choice, I wonder if she thought the Insight had a professional's seal of approval.

I certainly can't imagine HJ suggesting an Insight. At least without a list of caveats as long as one of Ken's queues!
Right Car, Wrong Car - T Lucas
I've sold 2 Insights in recent months and i've got 3 more enroute from Japan,so far they have gone to London,no congestion charges.
They are a bit different,not everybody wants a Focus,206,Golf or samey old Euroshed.
Right Car, Wrong Car - Maz
T Lucas - your love of \'pink furry dice\' is unsurpassed. Besides the 240z and massive reliability, what has the Japanese car industry ever done for us?

Well they re-invented the roadster...

[I don´t know what the term you used means. So I have erred on the side of considering it offensive and have thus removed it. Be warned, I do not currently have time to deal with such things and will simply disable your registration if it occurs again. Mark.]

Right Car, Wrong Car - Alfafan {P}

This strikes me as rather offensive. Don\'t want this kind of stuff in the Back Room, save it for the football ground please.

I edited Maz´s original note before noticing Alfafan´s response. Mark.
Right Car, Wrong Car - Maz
Apologies Alfafan - and especially Mark.

I intended no offence at all. In fact, I first read the phrase on my favourite ever thread on this site (Why Japanese Cars are more reliable - The Growlers excellent post)and laughed out loud. It honestly never occured to me it would offend.

However, offend it did, and so I agree it is offensive.

I refer in that way to my beloved car all the time. One man's meat is another man's murder, I suppose.
Right Car, Wrong Car - T Lucas
Maz,didn't see what was so offensive but i do like some of the more unusual Japanese cars,i bought today a 1998 Nissan Gloria 2.5 Saloon,just love those names,now where did i leave my pink furry dice?
Will it turn a profit?
Right Car, Wrong Car - Maz
Thanks T Lucas. Enough said on the pink furry dicing with death, I think.

Just had a Glance at the Gloria on Google. I've never seen one before. Very Japanese looking. Reminded me of an older skyline, which probably shows my ignorance.

As to whether it'll turn a profit - who can say? There are a fair few people about who will buy something because it's unusual.

Do you know anyone who's got a more interesting job than yours?


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