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Jaguar x Type - in car phone is missing - rastus XL
Hi, I just bought a 51 reg Jaguar X Type saloon , It has a phone cradle mounted on the centre console ,next to the radio. There is a permanantly connected cable going into the bottom of the phone cradle and it then disappears behind the console trim , presumably into the radio/audio system, also at the bottom of the phone cradle there are 2 brass connection pins sticking up, one is a long one and the other is a shorter one. however whatever phone was originally fitted,is sadly no longer there, do you know what phone might have been installed originally? or can you tell me ,what is a compatible phone system that i can install? -----cheers --rastusXL
Jaguar x Type - in car phone is missing - elekie&a/c doctor

I very much doubt that a Jaguar of this age would have been fitted with a factory phone installation.However the prefered choice of original fit kit would be a Nokia system.I don't recognise the 2 pin connector fitting.Is there any evidence of an extra aerial for a phone operation?hth

Jaguar x Type - in car phone is missing - Duncan112

Nokia is a good start but there are at least 2 varients of connector for Nokia phones- possibly your best bet is to get down to your nearest shop that offers phone unlocking, chances are he will recognise it and given the age of the car be able to fit you up with an unlocked phone quite reasonably.

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Jaguar x Type - in car phone is missing - Dabooka

Actually, if my memeory serves me right there was a Jaguar branded version of the Motorola Startac that came pre-installed in certain Jags (with a custom Jaguar wallpaper etc.).


Here you go!

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Jaguar x Type - in car phone is missing - Quicksilver

Probably something like a Nokia 6310i, (a great phone with fantastic battery life!). The large brass pin is the antenna conection and the other pin, (probably two?) are the power connection pins.



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