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406 Estate - Peugeot 406 speaker wiring problem - HowdyDoody


I hope you can help me please. I have a 2001 406 estate. The drivers side front audio speaker is not working. I have checked the speaker itself is ok (swapping side to side). I have removed the radio and metered from the speaker plug from the back of the radio to the wires coming out of the door for the speakers.

Apart from the fact that the colours do not match those of the Haynes manual, The passenger side rings through Ok but only one of the wires on the drivers side does - the violet wire is 'open circuit' - obviously the problem. The Haynes manual wiring diagram indicates a connector (where the wire colour changes) that would be the first place I want to look, but I cannot find it - does anyone know where that connector is please? I have had half the interior out and have not found it!



406 Estate - Peugeot 406 speaker wiring problem - ianjoh

There are a bundle of connectors under the carpet in the drivers footwell just under the pedals. This is known collection point for water that enters via a leak and has killed many a car, the saloons are more prone though.

406 Estate - Peugeot 406 speaker wiring problem - Avant

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