Pollen filters + Misty Interior - Armitage Shanks{P}
People have commented here that changing one's pollen filter can make the car smell nicer and stop the interior misting up. I am getting heavy screen misting in my Peugeot 206, unless I use hot air to the screen all the time. The A/C is selected but obviously not producing cold air. The misting occurs whether I am on fresh air or recirculate. Help please:-

1. Does a 206 even have a pollen filter?
2. If it doesn't is there some blocked drainhole that might be trapping water in the system?
3. Any other ideas gratefully received.

Thanks in advance
Pollen filters + Misty Interior - Cyd
see Geof Cs reply in this thread. You may have the same problem - even if you have no pollen filter you will have a drain tube below the evaporator.


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