106 plastic bumper - Reggie
I have sourced a second hand bumper for my sons Peugeot 106, (the black plastic one i.e. not coloured)due to accident damage to the original one. It is in very good condition except for a very small area (about 4 ins x 2 ins)that has got some silver spray paint on.
Does anybody have any suggestions as to how to cover this mark.
I did think of trying to rub some black shoe polish on. I also have been advised that "Hycote stone guard" from a spray can will cover it well, but i am concerned that if I paint a small bit that I will have to do it all, and that in the height of summer that it may start flaking.Has anybody on this forum used this product before?
Does anybody have any good ideas. The siver paint is very thin, but where I have scraped it off the bumper now appears grey.
106 plastic bumper - Rob
I had some white paint on a bumper of my old fiesta - I got the paint off but as you say it left the bumper grey - I tried that "Back to black" plastic polish and that seemed to be very good - although it returned a black that was a lot "blacker" than the rest of the bumper so I ended up doing the whole lot!

The plastic on the fiesta was quite old tho so I am not sure how much help that is....
106 plastic bumper - madf
Try white spirit or cellulose thinners to remove the paint. Don't worry if you leave a grey mark.

Then use one of the many " vinyl/pvc/bumper" cleaners with silicon. Should bring it back to black.
If that fails, then I would spray overall with matt black cellulose...
106 plastic bumper - Andrew-T
madf - there won't be much point trying to spray a plastic bumper which has been treated with silicone. Nothing will stick to that without some sort of priming.
106 plastic bumper - Reggie
Thanks for your help Madf and Rob. I'll go to the accesory shop tomorrow and see if I can see these products.


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