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Ford Mondeo - dual mass flywheel - stevephillips76

Hi, I'm thinking about buying a 57 plate mondeo 1.8tdci 125ps. I've read alot about problems with the dual mass flywheels on earlier models. Does anyone know if this is still a problem on the mark 4's. Also am i right in thinking these cars have a timing chain not a belt? cheers Steve

Ford Mondeo - dual mass flywheel - skidpan

1.8's are belt, early 2 litres are Ford engines with chain, later are Peugeot with belt.

Ford Mondeo - dual mass flywheel - Peter.N.

I believe DMF life has a lot to do with how the car has been driven, like a clutch, thrash it and it will wear out. Providing that its OK when you buy it if its driven reasonably gently it should last. I bought a Peugeot 406 at 189k with I believe the original clutch/DMF, it has been showing some symptoms of failure but my normal driving style is very gentle and it has done another 13k since I had it with no noticable deterioration.

Ford Mondeo - dual mass flywheel - Roly93

I believe DMF life has a lot to do with how the car has been driven, like a clutch, thrash it and it will wear out.

Absolutely right. DMF's are killed by rough gearchanges or any jerky driving styles people may have coupled sometimes with heat from abused clutches which kills some units. I think DMF are pretty much at the mercy of the same things as a conventional clutch in this way. For instance my brother in law drives a non-DMF car, ie a small engined petrol Corsa,. When you go in a car with him its like being a nodding donkey with your head constantly snatched backwards and forwards as he brakes and accelerates ! This is belive is DMF-wrecking behaviour.

Ford Mondeo - dual mass flywheel - unthrottled

I think it is more the very low RPM/high torque scenarios which kill DMFs. With a clutch, the friction plate (should) be solidly coupled to the pressure plate, whereas a DMF allows a degree of angular 'slip' via the springs. This is why diesel engines are a bit stall happy nowadays. Manufacturers tend to prefer to let an engine cut out if the RPMs drop below idle speed, and to restrict torque at very low speeds. This has curbed the number of DMF failures, but makes the engines a bit less willing in stop/start conditions.

The advice is to start the engine with the clutch depressed to increase DMF life.


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