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Imports a tale of caution - alapppy

I ordered a Merc E class from Motorpoint of Derby. I have bought a few cars from them in the past and they are a good company to deal with but watch out for the warranties.

When I arrived to collect the car they had lost the radio code. They took to a local audio 'specialist' who removed the stereo to recode it.( they should have faxed MB for the code or take it to the merc dealer which is 500 yards from Motorpoint)

The new Mercs having tons of electronics 'thinks' that the radio has been nicked and a shuts down cetain elements of the ECU.
They asked me to get the car home and take to my local dealer to fix..I refused as imho it is unfair to dump this on a buyer or on a franchised dealer

Now the car is sitting on the forecourt of the a Merc dealer in Derby. (I had a 7 hour wasted journey) I spoke to my local dealer who informed me that as non Merc technicians had 'worked' on the car the warranty of the radio/sat nav and adjacent area would be null and void.

The management have refunded my deposit..Merc don't even know what is wrong with it at present! As dealers enter all repairs against the chassis number you would not be able to 'hide' this..but then this is not what one buys a new car for.



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