Golf MK2 GTI Heater matrix? - pmh
I am suffering from significantly increased internal condensation on all the windows. I suspect heater matrix? Does the previous warranty free replacement still apply? What are the terms?
Are there any sympathetic VW garages in South Herts, North London?
How do I go about finding out if this has already been done on the car.

PS there are no obvious leaks, dry carpets etc and condensation is much worse on starting to use demister to clear windows. Sometimes a sweetish smell. But no significant coolant loss!

Any other ideas?

pmh (was peter)
Golf MK2 GTI Heater matrix? - Big John
Check with any VAG dealer, they will check you car's VIN number to see if the work needs to be done.

Look at the two heater water pipes under the bonnet at the point where they enter into the bulkhead. If they have bypass valves fitted then the work has already been done, if not a VAG dealer should fit these valves and check the heater matrix and replace if faulty(dashboard out job!!). This was done on my old 1990 Passat 4(ish) years ago.
Golf MK2 GTI Heater matrix? - pmh
VAG garage have accepted that whilst the recall has now finished, the work necessary can still be done under a warranty heading. The car is booked in for next Wed subject to the availability of the parts kit. The quoted time for the labor is for 0.8 hrs, which surprises me if it includes replacement of the matrix. (I queried this but was told that 'they have special tools which makes the job easy'). I will make no further comment until I get the car back, and report the on the good, the bad or the ugly.

I remember that one of the regular contributors works (or worked) for a VAG dealer, any comments?

(PS VAG dealer can track the VIN against original Regn no.)

pmh (was peter)
Golf MK2 GTI Heater matrix? - Ian D
"Special tools to make the job easy" - sounds like a load of old rubbish to me. Seems like they will put in the mod and hope the condensation goes away as the cooling system pressure drops. If I were you I would mark up with a couple of splodges of paint the heater matrix pipes as they appear through the bulkhead into the engine bay (ie just before the rubber flexis connect) to see if they actually replace the matrix.

There is no way they could do the mod and replace the matrix in 0.8 hours. (changed the matrix on my last 2 Mk2 GTIs so am aware what it involves!)
Golf MK2 GTI Heater matrix? - Robert Fleming
Are you sure the condensation is caused by the heater matrix?

My Mk2 GTI used to leak from the driver's door (torn inner membrane), bonnet cable (new grommet on bulkhead stopped this, even though old one appeared perfectly fine), and heater fan duct on bulkhead (covered the old seal in loads of vaseline and clipped it back in place).

0.8 hours sounds like 'check matrix, fit pressure relief valve'.
Golf MK2 GTI Heater matrix? - pmh
I am glad that you both back up my view that this is very optimistic time for the whole job! (which is why I questioned it when booking in!)

I have checked the normal things (like door membrames, grommets on bulk head etc) and can find no sign of water ingress or even any slight dampness in any of the carpets. In coldish humid weather the car can be completely condensation free from an overnight stand but when heater is turned on, after a short period of warm up all the windows mist up very quickly (and it is accompanied by a faint but notieable sweet sickly smell). The front screen will clear after 10 minutes or so as the glass heats up, but side (paricularly rear) windows remain heavily misted). Robert is this the charactistic that you had on yours?

pmh (was peter)
Golf MK2 GTI Heater matrix? - Robert Fleming
Damp carpets and moisture on the fuse box were the symptons of rainwater ingress on mine. Also the cotton-like insulation arount the duct under the glovebox was mouldy.

I used to use a SAAB 9000 with a leaking heater matrix, and that used to stink of anti-freeze inside - so I reckon your diagnosis is correct.

Golf MK2 GTI Heater matrix? - the conductor
i think i am the man you are on about. i used to work at a vw garage a few years ago. now sell tickets on trains far easier?
all your car will have in the modified heater inlet pipes with valve in them and a plastis shield fitted to the side of the heater box by the centre console. this is to stop hot coolant scalding the passengers legs. this was the reason that the recall started due to the above event happening in america.
if you think its the heater matrix then the carpet usually is damp behind the centre console. is you scuttle panel plastic damaged? its the very thin shhet which covers the wiper motor as this can let a lot of water into the car through the heater fan inlet. if it is then replace with later mk2 golf hard plastic one much better. when buying it a lot of dealers will not know what you are on about. just tell em you have a 91 model gti.
this will fudge em.
Golf MK2 GTI Heater matrix? - pmh
Car taken in as booked 08.30. Telephone call direct from the fitter at about 13.00 saying that he had pressure tested the matrix and it appeared sound. A conversation followed with my description of 'occasional condensation and sweet antifreeze smell' being accepted by him as being an adequate reason to change the matrix. Car available by 18.00. Looks as though the job has been done properly, under dash trim has been disturbed and the very small visible area of matrix pipe in the engine compartment looks new. No valves were fitted. I have been told that if a new (better quality?) matrix is fitted the troublesome valves are not necessary.

The recall had been terminated, so the work was all carried out under VAG warranty heading. Does this set a record for warranty work after 16 years?

Full marks to Wayside of St Albans Herts. If all work is handled like this a new (discounted) VW could be a possibility.

pmh (was peter)

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