BMW Z3 - EML & Traction Control warning lights - Tim Sweeney

Help!! My 2000 2.0l BMW Z3 has been running perfectly since I bought it. The other day I drove it for half an hour and parked up for 2 hours. Everything was fine until I started the car and the EML and traction control lights came on (yellow) simultaneously. The car also had a noticeable lack of performance and the rpm did not increase immediately when i put my foot down. The engine just sounded wrong. I took it to the BMW dealership here in Bristol and the advised it was the throttle control mechanism/valve. This was replaced at a cost of £730 and it has NOT fixed the problem. The dealership are in touch with BMW 'technical' for advice but they cannot locate the source of the problem. Do you have any ideas please? This can't be the first time this has happened :(

BMW Z3 - EML & Traction Control warning lights - mariarita
I ' ve been having the same problem since one week .. But the real problem now is that BMW assistance told me they really don't know the problem cause, they 've tested the car and MAYBE IT COULD BE 1 of 3 pieces but THE DON'T KNOW THE ONE RIGHT and THAT IT'S UP TO ME DECIDE !?!?!?!?!?!?! so if i will be lucky i'll find the RIGHT ONE, if i will not MAYBE i will change two working pieces to find the not working pieces.... Take note: one is 670 euro one is 990 euro and one is 970 euro : 3200 euro UP TO ME !?!?!?!!!!!!
I've been search ing a lot on internet to find someone who had the same problem to know how to fix the problem but a lot With the problem and all without a solution.
Please tell me if you figure out the solution
I don't want to buy another car ' cause first one i like only my z3 and second one cause i don't want to spend a lot of money to buy ridicolous cars......


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