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1.3CDTi Vaux Combo Van, 05 reg - Coolant loss mystery? - Cornish Lass

Hubby's Combo is losing water but we cannot find where its going. Noticed the expansion tank was completely empty last weekend. Topped up, checked following day after his 15 miles each way trip to work, and it was empty again. Looked all over the engine, no sign of a leak. Inside van is dry so not the matrix. Its running fine, no change in normal temperature, warning lights etc. Had MOT last Wednesday, so while it was over the pit, they ran the engine and looked all over - nothing. They then parked it outside, still running for 15 minutes, with some cardboard underneath to show any drips - nothing!

Needed it for work, so he topped up the water and brought it home. Expansion tank was again empty - left the cap off when he filled it to the max mark and started the engine. Bottle immediately emptied. Left engine running and topped up again, but level stayed constant this time. Assuming perhaps some form of airlock, which had cleared, he went to work in it again today, only to find expansion bottle empty again tonight. Did the top-up, cap off, start engine routine again - bottle immediately emptied, but on filling again, once more stayed full.

Its booked in next week for a pressure test, but if we can solve it in the meantime, might save the cost of this. We are baffled. Any suggestions please.

1.3CDTi Vaux Combo Van, 05 reg - Coolant loss mystery? - serf

Sounds like you may be chasing a head gasket leak, testing is the best way to find out,

Combustion gasses /compression test / leak down test.... you could do all of them if you are handy.... Good luck

1.3CDTi Vaux Combo Van, 05 reg - Coolant loss mystery? - Collos25

If water is disappearing and there is no leak and it is not overheating because of a jammed thermostat or a blocked rad then it can only be going one place and that is as steam up the exhaust pipe caused by a blown head gasget.

1.3CDTi Vaux Combo Van, 05 reg - Coolant loss mystery? - Dazzler21

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but what was the outcome on this.

My Fiancee has a Combo 1.3CDTI with the same thing happening, however she drives considerably further (30 miles plus each way) and the van DOES overheat.


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