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I have read a number of strings on the issue of PPCs trying to scam money from the public. Your write up was the most informative and stressed that the identification of the driver was the crucial issue. I have received a letter from Debt Recovery Plus Ltd acting for UKPC which refers to the Norwich Pharmacol Protocol. This appears to me a power to the County Court to require me to identify the driver. I assumed that in a court hearing I would be required to do so anyway. Has this Protocol materially canged the advise you previously gave? Many thanks.

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Investigate and if needed, put your questions to the Pepipoo forums

Spelling the order correctly helps, I put 'Norwich Pharmacal Protocol pepipoo' into Google and learnt quite a bit.

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As far as I am aware there is NO obligation, as far as PARKING CHARGE NOTICES are concerned, for the Reg Keeper to disclose who the driver was. It is up to the private Company to establish and take civil action for breach of contract against the driver parking. Which is why they badger a person to try and get that information,.

If they aligned a person before a Civil Court then there is a right under the law not to make a statement that would incriminate onseself.

The Norwich Pharmacal Protocol IMHO is virtually nonsense and a phrase that is being used by those chasing such matters in an attempt to brow beat payment.

For baliffs to be called in there is a need for an order re the deby to be made at County Court.

A PENALTY CHARGE NOTICE is a differnt matter entirely..


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A Norwich Pharmacal Order is a fairlly complex and therefore expensive legal device sometimes used in high-value patent and other civil disputes.

All costs - including the defence cost of the other side - must be borne by the person seeking the order.

Attempting to get one for a scam parking ticket would cost hundreds, if not thousands, so it's obviously a non-starter from the parking company's point of view.

Another hurdle is courts are told to be mindful of the amount in dispute before granting an order.

No figure is given, but it's a reasonable assumption a claim of a couple of hundred for a parking ticket is below the threshold.

Even in the extremely unlikely event an order is granted, the parking company is not much further forward, because the court will still decide if there are any damages, which there are not - your act of parking has not cost the company any money, other than a few pounds if you over-stayed a paid for ticket.

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Many thanks guys. Just as I suspected. Am awaiting the next bully boy letter, which will be ignored as usual. The parking site and company have featured in our local press and the local Welsh Assembly member has expressed concern, so I will be following it up with her as well.

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On all these sites I read about people who have had a parking charge. I would like to ask this question. When you all parked your car on the private land did you read the notice and rules? If so why moan when you get a ticket. The other week I wanted to shop in a DIY store but could not find a parking space. I had to park my car in a pub car park and walk to the store. When I arrived I was shocked to see that the DIY was almost empty yet the car park was full. It turns out that this is always happening and the DIY are going employ a private parking company. The sooner the better I say. So my message to you all. STOP TRYING TO GET FREE PARKING AND PAY YOUR CHARGE.

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At last, a perfect gentleman motorist. You are right, Mr Right, we should all stop trying to get free parking. I take it you did stop in for a couple of pints to repay the kindness of the publican for providing free parking??? Thought not. Glass houses and stone throwing methinks!!! Concrete.

UKPC pursuit of my money - MR RIGHT

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UKPC pursuit of my money - MR RIGHT

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You parking in a pub car park you were not using was ok then?


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