2002 Ford Focus 1.6L - Power Steering Fluid change - GazKaz
Hi everyone!

Going to change my power steering fluid using the "turkey baster" method as it looks really dirty!

My local motor factors sold me some Carlube ATF-Q Auto Transmission Fluid Dexron 2 after asking me what colour was in my car. I think it's red in colour when new.

The Haynes manual states it needs Ford Spec WSA M2C 195A fluid, can I safely use the Carlube stuff?

Many thanks in advance
2002 Ford Focus 1.6L - Power Steering Fluid change - TeeCee

Nope. Carlube's website says that their Power Steering Fluid is the correct substitute for Ford M2C-195A. Forum chat elsewhere backs this up.

Carlube XPF500 for 0.5 litres or XPF001 for 1 litre. See here:

http://www.carlube.co.uk/index.cfm?product=89&product_title=Carlube Power Steering Fluid

2002 Ford Focus 1.6L - Power Steering Fluid change - Peter D

You are wasting your time with a turkey baster. Disconnect the return pipe to the header reservoir and extend the pipe to a container on the floor, plug the tank. Empty the tank and fill with clean fluid. Run the engine for 2 seconds or use an assistant to keep the header full of clean fluid keep doing this until the fluid is running clean into the catch container also ensure you run the rack to full lock in both directions. Ensure you do not run the pump with no fluid. Reconnect and top up to the appropriate level. Dirty steering fluid is not a good sign. Regards Peter

2002 Ford Focus 1.6L - Power Steering Fluid change - GazKaz
Thanks for your replies!

TeeCee, went to our local motor factors & changed it to the one you said. On the back it states the spec: WSP M2C 195A, the Ford spec states: WSA M2C 195A.

Is there any major difference, noting the Carlube is WSP & not Fords WSA?

Peter, will prob do it the way you have suggested, making sure the reservoir does not run out & not keeping it on full lock for too long. Just don't want any airlocks. Also Peter, the steering fluid is not leaking, just very dirty. Being an avid home mechanic I wanted to change it.

Thanks again.

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