Toyota Aygo - Back box - Bobbin Threadbare

Has anyone had to replace the back box on a Toyota Aygo? I could do with a ballpark of how much it might cost or even if it's doable yourself....

Toyota Aygo - Back box - unthrottled

Depends on how cheap an exhaust you can put up with. A budget back box should only be about £35 or so, but the muffling isn't as effective as the better ones. I'm desperately trying to rust my budget exhaust out!

If you can get the back wheels a foot off the ground, you can do it yourself but it's not a fun job. Not technically difficult, just a horrible working position and rusted bolts. Much easier on a ramp.

Toyota Aygo - Back box - Bobbin Threadbare

If you can get the back wheels a foot off the ground, you can do it yourself but it's not a fun job. Not technically difficult, just a horrible working position and rusted bolts. Much easier on a ramp.

That's what I guessed - no ramp, so it's going to be awkward. I will ponder it (providing I am allowed to give this a go on a vehicle that isn't mine...!) Thanks unthrottled.
Toyota Aygo - Back box - unthrottled

I had a look on europarts and I can't find any exhaust parts for the Aygo which is ridiculous since it is the same car as the Peugeot 107 and Citroen C1.

Toyota Aygo - Back box - Bobbin Threadbare
No, nor could I, hence the question. Links kept leading me to 'Aygo parts' and then it'd be C1 bits.

Ok thanks chaps. Mum's little Aygo will be off to ATS instead then most probably.
Toyota Aygo - Back box - unthrottled

What do you think of the Aygo? Someone at work has one and I have briefly been in it. From the outside, it looks quite sharp-but the inside is a little spartan-and why is the tach on a stalk?? There's no mistaking the 3 pot at idle-and the robotized manual didn't change that smoothly when cold. I'd have expected a little more from Toyota.

A google of Aygo exhausts reveals some horrors!

Toyota Aygo - Back box - Bobbin Threadbare

The Aygo is a very sweet little car to look at. It was a superb upgrade from a Daewoo Matiz for my mum; she bought it new. She liked the simple layout and the small cabin (she is a short-a***). She does very low mileage and when she px's it it will be a 'one careful lady owner' jobby (18k in 4.5 years). When you're up to speed it cruises along noisily but economically on the motorway (I drove it some long distance a while back and I nipped at the heels of the big BMWs - fun!). It's spacious enough for 4 adults though, and it has a very small turning circle.'s a petrol but sounds like a diesel when setting off (rather angry!) and I am not keen on the gearbox (the one in Mr B's Toyota Celica is far more pleasant but that's my limit of experience on Toyotas). The boot is tiny and opens via a hatch, not a proper tailgate. I'd have to thrash it about a bit to examine the handling but I've only tootled or done big motorway cruises in it.

The exhaust has started to make a very peculiar noise and it seems to suffer from rust as well.

Toyota Aygo - Back box - TeeCee

My rule of thumb on exhausts is, if it's a Classic car it's a DIY job. Good parts are cheaper through the specialists and may not be available at all via the usual outlets.

If it's a modern car, local Tyre and Exhaust centre. It isn't worth the hassle for the minimal cost saving that a DIY approach will yield. Last time was the centre section on a Zafira. Cheapest online price for the part was 115 EUR including VAT. The local Kwik-Fit sold me the same branded part, fitted and including new bolts, mountings etc for 140. 25 EUR to have someone else wrestle with all the rusty clamps? Bargain.

Back box for an Aygo online is a shade over 60 EUR in these parts....

Toyota Aygo - Back box - Collos25

Why not ring up a few exhaust dealers and get a proper price instead of relying on guesses or is that to complicated.

Toyota Aygo - Back box - Bobbin Threadbare
Collos - any need for the attitude?

TeeCee's doesn't look like a guess to me. I just wanted a ballpark figure so my mum knows if a garage is being cheeky with the price. Hence asking the question....
Toyota Aygo - Back box - Ethan Edwards

I had a C1 as a courtesy car for two of the longest weeks of my life.

In common with all courtesy cars it was 'supercar fast' and the C1 was very economical. But on the UK's favourite el cheapo road surface...ridged concrete A roads ...I found the short wheelbase set up a vibration that left me car sick after about 30 minutes.

Since my commute is 45 minutes I used to get into the office feeling quite sick. I had'nt felt travel sickness in a car since I was eight. Would I buy one? No.

Toyota Aygo - Back box - jamie745

Why not ring up a few exhaust dealers and get a proper price instead of relying on guesses or is that to complicated.

Hey Collos, maybe if we got some time later on we might be able to pull the stick out of your a***


Toyota Aygo - Back box - Collos25

Why ask on a forum for a price when a few phone calls will give you an exact cost.

You wouldn't live five minutes with me your nappies would need changing.

By the way a quick google showed prices from 27.86 to 54.00 took all of 1 minute.

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Toyota Aygo - Back box - jamie745

By the way a quick google showed prices from 27.86 to 54.00 took all of 1 minute.

In other words, less time than it took for you to take up valuable internet space with an unneccessary, jumped up pile of b******s.


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Toyota Aygo - Back box - madf

About £40.. and less time than to raise a post...

Toyota Aygo - Back box - unthrottled

Well, my normal port of call europarts didn't yield anything and I for one am often reluctant to buy from ebay. Part of the post was to ask whether it was a simple DIY job. She's a frequent contributer and the scorn is not merited.

Toyota Aygo - Back box - Bobbin Threadbare

There is no way in Hades my mum would buy car parts off eBay. Also, getting pedantic here, since usually I wouldn't bother to engage, it's cheaper to ask if people here have some ideas they can share with me than it is to ring an 0151 number from another county :-P

Toyota Aygo - Back box - madf

I bought a back box for son's Yaris from the same German supplier. Excellent fit. No increased noise. Covered it with aluminium heat proof paint as the coating looked cheap. Still OK no rust after 12 months.

I also bought ABS sensors from Germany on ebay. 1/3rd UK price and again excellent quality.

If you ae carefull, ebay gives some excellent value.

Toyota Aygo - Back box - Spectre Frogman

I have just change the rear box myself last night. I have to say some of the opinions on here are not helpful at all, I wish people wouln't give out these opinions when they never left their arm chair.

Firstly I ordered the parts. I got a Klarius rear box from Euro Car Parts (Car Parts Saver) on ebay for £31.80 delivered. Klarius are a big maker of copied parts with a factory in Stoke on Trent and have a good enough name. I got a new clamp (you need a 47mm clamp, two bolts each side fits fine, £3.25 delivered from ebay) and some exhaust paste (£2.48 inc delivery from eBay versus £4 at Halfords).

I jacked the car up with the jack from the boot. Just enough room to work. The nut on the old clamp had rusted so much it was round (it's a 58 reg 6 year old car). Had to cut the old clamp off with an angle grinder. Managed to take a nick off the front pipe, 1mm more and would be trouble - this is not easy. Took a real bang with the hammer to get the rear pipe off the front pipe.

The two rubber hangers at the back would not budge at all, so cut the old exhaust off with the angle grinder which gave me enough room to really pull and get them off. There was still 1mm of rust inside the rubbers that was welded on and needed working off with a screw driver. The new exhaust went on really quickly on the rubber hangers but the clamp was another story. The Klarius exhaust has a lip about 2mm bigger than the lip on the Toyota front pipe, so took ages to get it in just the right place when tightening it. It tightened in to place fine though.

On a run the Klarius exhaust sounds a little bit more rorty and raspy but I like that, it sounds sporty, so would recommend it for the price. About £88 incl fitting was quoted to me so the saving is worth it if you are reasonable competent, but had a pain in the neck that night and stiffness the next day though. If I can get the exhaust inc delivery for £31.80 the big exhaust fitters must buy them really cheaply in bulk, so what a good margin they must be making.

Toyota Aygo - Back box - Chris M

"I jacked the car up with the jack from the boot. Just enough room to work."

I don't want to get all H & S, but I hope you accidently omitted the words "and popped an axle stand under the car" between the two sentences quoted above.

Toyota Aygo - Back box - Cyd

A neighbour of mine was recently doing some work on a front brake with the car on a scissor jack. I took him my trolley and a pair of stands.

I have personal and rather distressing experience of what happens to a bloke whose car falls off a scissor jack and lands on them.
I was 50 last week. He wasn't. Never will be.

Makes me shudder.

Toyota Aygo - Back box - gordonbennet

On that subject Cyd i couldn't agree more.

It beggars belief to me that people will use toy jacks, and these tuppeny hapenny handbag sized 'trolley jacks' (don't make me laugh) efforts with a cup just about big enough to take a hard boiled medium sized free ranger, i include.

If you're going to buy a jack, or ramps, or stands, or anything else that your life livelihood and limbs depend on, for pete's sake put more value in sourcing one than the price of a chicken dinner.

I did find a use for a scissor jack once, very handy to push middle of the front bumper back out (braced against the front cross member) on the Landcruiser when SWMBO took a set of railings out complete with concrete footings.

I don't even like them for emergency roadside wheel changing, much prefer the old slot in screw jacks of yore.

Toyota Aygo - Back box - mfarrow

I bought a hanger removal tool for exhausts and must admit it's the best investment I've made in auto tools in years. Really simplifies the task. That and a thin multi cutting disc on an angle grinder for the pipe/socket joints makes swift work of exhaust replacements.

Biggest regret is throwing an original GM hanger in place of a cheapo bought one. Come to replace back box after 6 years and guess which is perishing? Clue is not those which have been on the car 13 years!


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