Dealer advice re naff Vauxhall - Dan J
Hi guys and gals,

Would like to hear your comments and advice on the below:

I bought a 2001 2.2LS Vectra in December 2001. The car went back to the dealer IIRC 10 times at least and spent a considerable amount of time there, me being furnished with a 1.0 Corsa, a car which if I'd have wanted to spend half my time in I would've purchased in the first place.

Many complaints to Vauxhall and Dealer later, car replaced with an identical model+mileage. Have given up trying to get them to rectify various squeaks and rattles through fear of never seeing the car again however have now had serious gearbox issues and on Saturday a massive engine failure (looks like entire ignition system) leading to a red faced me being towed to said Vauxhall dealer by the AA. Fortunately had this happened 24 hours later I would've missed a key work related flight at a significant loss of money, time and business.

Not only has the car been thoroughly dreadful, the dealer service is appalling. They never call back, never repair the car properly first time, they've run the damn thing out of petrol leaving me nearly stranded when I collected the car late one evening.

I have just over 12 months to go on the hire purchase before I hit the magical 50% mark when I can tell the finance company to stick it where the sun don't shine so I can't get rid of the car this instance without a financial hit.

Question is, should I ask the attractive girl out on the reception?

:) Just joking - real issue is I shall be speaking with the MD of the dealership later today and whilst I already have something drafted voicing my complaints and concerns, I would like to hear any comments you might have, perhaps from similar experience.

All the best,

Dan J
Dealer advice re naff Vauxhall - Dynamic Dave
Dan J,

Sorry to hear your troubles.
It seems you've gone and got lumbered with a "Friday Afternoon" Vectra, twice.
Little consolation I know, but I also own a 2.2 litre Vectra, and in the 15 months I've owned it nothing has gone wrong with it apart from needing tyres. My only real niggle with it is that I cannot get the CD player to play certain CD-R discs.
The dealer I use has it's good and bad points; any rotten eggs tend to be eliminated from the workshop before any lasting harmful reputations can take effect. Having dealt with this particular dealer for well over 12 yrs now, they also know that if any job isn't done to my complete satisfaction, I will be back whinging at the manager instantly. This shouldn't be the case though, all customers, both old and new should be treated with the same respect. Unfortunately this once family owned franchise now tend to consider company and lease owned vehicles of more importance than individual customers.

Keep us posted to as the outcome of the dicussion with the MD.
Good luck.
Dealer advice re naff Vauxhall - Azrael
I appear to have the same Friday afternoon Vectra, but mine is a 2.2 SRi. Currently Its langiushing in a main dealership with its engine ripped out (Cam chain and 70 MPH + don't mix apparently)

I've had mine for just over 18 months, covered 27,000 miles in
it and, apart from this latest & greatest episode;

Cracked air con pipe (Time to order & replace - 3 months)
4 new stereos due to 'security' panel disintegrating every time I used it.
Creaky seats.
Faulty washer stalk

Again, nobody ever calls back.

I've managed to get a 'slot' with the manager. Must be the weathers put him off his golf.

Dealer advice re naff Vauxhall - Albert
Just a quick one....I\'ve heard loads of bad stories about the poor old Vectra...can only guess the dealer is worn out trying to keep the customes happy.

May I suggest you buy a Jap car next time around and forget u ever seen a Vectra..

Sad but True...

All the best today
Dealer advice re naff Vauxhall - RogerL
The single biggest problems with Vauxhalls is their dealers. There are one or two, literally, reasonable ones but the rest employ incompetent, ex-fast fit, mechanics who fell asleep on their training courses: compounded by dealer managers who really don't care about retaining any customer base. Vauxhall would do themselves a huge sales boost if they applied a reasonable minimum level of competence for dealer performance.

The only advice I can give Dan J is to involve Vauxhall at the highest level and keep the pressure on. It took me 18 months to get a refund for a £1000+ engine rebuild after a cambelt failure, but they paid up in the end.
Dealer advice re naff Vauxhall - SjB {P}
If you live in or near Bucks, use Knotty Green Vauxhall in Beaconsfield. I have had nigh on three years of top service every time, and have even been squeezed in at zero notice, zero cost, and whilst I waited, for two minor niggles, one of which wasn't even 'caused' by the car (washer fluid gunged up the pump).

Knotty Green are a tiny dealership who know the meaning of customer service, and I just hope that with the Volvo I am about to buy, I am just as happy.

Dealer advice re naff Vauxhall - Dan J
My thoughts exactly RogerL.

I've had nothing but rudeness and dreadful service from them and since I complained about them their attitude, interestingly, has actually become worse.

I am under the impression they think the problem is all mine rather than anything to do with their service. They have some interesting times ahead coming. A good friend of mine plus also a couple of family members have also received rude, bad and missold service from this garage and after chatting with me about it are making formal complaints.

What I don't understand is, when I worked at Ford, they anonymously checked out dealerships against a large checklist and would issue warnings at the slightest deviation from Ford guidelines. Do Vauxhall do this? And if so exactly how bad do they think their dealers can be to still be acceptable?

You're very right - no interest whatsoever, at both manufacturer and dealer level, in retaining any customers.

My only advice to one and all is never buy Vauxhall...

Dan J
Dealer advice re naff Vauxhall - Cyrill666 {P}

I've owned various Vauxhalls over the last 10 years, including a Nova, Astra, Cavalier and now a Vectra - all except the Astra were owned out of choice (Astra was a company vehicle) - and I've had experience with a few different regional dealerships and have always found them to offer perfectly acceptable service.

Perhaps I'm just lucky.

Dealer advice re naff Vauxhall - Dan J
I actually had very good service from Phoenix Vauxhall in South London when I lived there. This was in relation to my Cavalier at the time.

My Vectra has been exceptionally bad which is why I would not recommend anyone buy one, but the dealership experience has turned what was not a very good experience into something irrevocable.

As I mentioned on another thread, my mother's Citroens, whilst not quite as bad, have been problematic but the fantastic dealer along with their service department has resolved all issues first time every time, treats the customer as No 1 and has my mum coming back for new cars every few years. Obviously my comments only refer to that particular dealership but my experience generally has not been one I would like to repeat.
Dealer advice re naff Vauxhall - Dynamic Dave
when I worked at Ford, they anonymously checked out
dealerships against a large checklist and would issue
warnings at the slightest deviation from Ford guidelines.
Do Vauxhall do this?

Yes. The Vaux garage I use is (according to them) one of the top 10 in the country.
And if so exactly how bad do they think their dealers can be
to still be acceptable?

You only have to put on a good appearance during investigation. Rumours get around that inspectors are in the area vetting the garages. For instance - the garage I use; a couple of the salesmen previously worked for another Vaux dealership 20 miles away. They still communicate with their old workplace to source second hand cars, move dealer stock around, etc. All part of the "funny handshake" brigade. At the end of the day, it's who you know.
Dealer advice re naff Vauxhall - Dom F {P}
In June 98 I bought a 2.5yr old Vectra from a dealer in Surrey. I had two years of trouble-free motoring, apart from minor faults like getting a £2.50 spare key but finding it cost £30 for the car to accept it. Minor niggles like every time I moved the driver\'s seat, or got into it too heavily (and I\'m only 9 stone), the airbag system warning lights lit up like a Christmas tree. Or the fact that sometimes, after they\'d manage to switch off the airbag warning light, it would often be back ON again before I\'d even left the end of their road.

Never mind the little matter of the condition of the car when it was up for sale - various panels a different shade of white to the rest, deep scratches on bonnet covered with paint-chip repair, nearside tyres badly scuffed and wheels with chunks out of them. All of this with a Network Q Inspected sticker on it, giving the impression it had passed a 114-point check. And all this on a car that had been owned by one owner from new. I\'d loved to have known where it came by a used Network Q sticker at the point of initial purchase!

At the 2.5yr period everything came to a head - in six months, items that went one after another were (in order): alternator (taking the battery with it), water pump, clutch, gearbox, and finally air mass sensor. What didn\'t help was that the dealer told me that the air mass sensor needed cleaning and so, after taking their advice as to which item it was, I cleaned it. Trouble was, it was not the item at fault and it was £300 to replace the item they misdirected me to. At that point I said s** It, I can\'t be bothered, and made moves to cancel the HP, as I\'d reached year 3 out of the 4 required.

My finance company were so shifty they make Dan\'s experiences of dealers look tame. Put shortly, they screwed me. They sent an assessor down, and he decreed that as the nearside headlight was missing one of the five bolts that held it to the car, the headlight was deemed u/s. Non-existent bodywork creases and dents brought the bill to over £800 and they wouldn\'t let me argue those or cancel the agreement until I paid the amount in full. To be perfectly honest I now feel I should have driven the car into a wall, because between them the dealer and in particular the finance company have made sure that I will NEVER own a car with anything to do with either. And as I work in the office services industry, I use it as a good example of how NOT to gain and keep customers.
Dealer advice re naff Vauxhall - No Do$h
And people have suggested I don't buy an Alfa????
Dealer advice re naff Vauxhall - Baz
Hi Dan J,
If you are having problems with dealers, especially the Vauxhall ones, you might try contacting "Watchdog" at Auto Express Magazine. My son purchased a Brand New Corsa, which proved to have paint faults etc. Couldn'y get nowhere with the dealer.
Wrote to Auto Express they got involved and we got a full refund in a short space of time. They do not like the bad publicity, but unfortunatly they sometimes ask for it.

Dealer advice re naff Vauxhall - madf
Trading Standards love tales like these and can be right pink fluffy dice to the dealers if your story is watertight.
Dealer advice re naff Vauxhall - Andrew-T
Fascinating thread. Just shows that one can hardly ever generalise about models of car or chains of dealerships. Wherever human nature comes in, there will be good and bad apples in the barrel.


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