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4x4 for towing ifor williams 505 - rio428

hi, I need to purchase a 4x4 for towing an ifor williams 505 trailer. We usually carry just one pony but sometimes two. It also needs to be good in snow, muddy fields etc. I have a budget of roughly £10000.00. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

4x4 for towing ifor williams 505 - unthrottled

What's the maximum weight of the laden trailer with two ponies? If you need over 4000lb, your options are more limited. Below 3500lb, pick anything you like the look of.

Hyundai Santa Fe has a rated towing capacity of 4600lb (2200Kg) with the 2.0D engine. Decent economy for a big car, second hand versions well within budget.

4x4 for towing ifor williams 505 - gordonbennet

Sounds like you want a proper old school 4x4 then.

If fuel economy is important then the above suggestion is good.

Otherwise, in no particular order Landruiser, either Colorado or Amazon, Nissan Patrol, Kia Sorento, Hyundai Terracan. Amazon (expensive) and Patrol are very big vehicles, The Korean cars may be better on fuel whilst being capable old fashioned 4x4's, and good value. Toyota's probably the best for rugged reliability.

4x4 for towing ifor williams 505 - Rats

If you need to get on and off muddy fields etc and probably need to transport hay etc, have you thought about a pickup?? Keep the back open and you have loads of space to carry stuff, easily get a large round bale in.....

4x4 for towing ifor williams 505 - dieseldogg


What are these "lbs's" us younguns work in kilogrammes.

Indespension or the caravan club provide links or date giving allowable towing weights for all GB cars & jeeps.

Or simply "read the plate" on a second hand vehicle.

PS the plate will express the weight in kilos


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4x4 for towing ifor williams 505 - Red Baron

Remember to leave enough cash for some good tyres. If you really plan to pull a trailer off a muddy field, even a Discovery with only road-going tyres will be stuck. Decent all-terrain tyres will set you back another 500 quid.

4x4 for towing ifor williams 505 - unthrottled

I've no idea what a 'kilogramme' is. ;)

Most motoring terms are still in imperial-apart from the Grauniad which tries to be trendy and Pan-European by using metric.

Even worse, motoring churnalists who quote engine power in horsepower and torque in Nm. As every 1st year Eng. Undergrad know: horsepower is a function of torque-so the units need to be consistent. Whoops!


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